Monday, May 2, 2016

April 2016 Recap

So I have a little rant to make about the month of April. I'm pretty sure everyone within a million mile radius knew how badly I needed to get my hands on The Raven King, and I geekily planned my April reading schedule around it. I ended up not reading anything for over a week because I was afraid of starting a new book and not being finished with it by the time I got my copy of TRK. I also had a knitting project with an urgent deadline that I needed to finish up, so I devoted the time I would have spent on reading to knitting like a fiend instead. (I made my deadline with a day to spare, whew!)

I was all set to hug my copy of The Raven King on the 26th. Well, the 26th arrived, and I still hadn't received an email confirmation from Amazon that the book had shipped. You can imagine my panic. When I finally got an email, it was on THE RELEASE DAY to say that there was a delay with shipping, and THEY DIDN'T HAVE A NEW ESTIMATED SHIPPING DATE. BS, I SAY! BS! All I wanted last week was to seal myself off from the world and devour this book, but NOOOOOOO. Epic fail, Amazon. Epic. Fail.

I no longer live close to a Barnes & Noble because that store closed. I tried Target and Walmart last Tuesday night without a lot of optimism, and nada. I went home angry, tired, and sad. And probably hungry.

I was all set to trek to a B & N on Saturday, but the AC upstairs decided to die on Friday night, so I had to wait for someone to check out the system on Saturday. The bad news is that it's very likely going to be a very pricey fix and there was nothing that could be done to it over the weekend, so still no AC, which in Florida = no bueno. OK, I know I should look on the bright side, which is that there's AC downstairs. But when I'm home I spend most of my time upstairs, where the office and desktop computer are and where I also watch TV and sleep. I've tried blogging on my Kindle and while it's doable, it takes forever. So if I'm slow returning comments and visits this week, it's because I can only blog in the office for a limited amount of time before I turn into a sweaty, melting, disgusting mess, LOL.

I did, however, set out on Sunday with more determination than ever to get my damn copy of The Raven King! I found a B & N 40 minutes away and nearly had a coronary in the store because I didn't see the book right away. Fortunately, there were two copies in stock, one of which I now call MINE.

Hmmm . .. that ended up being more than a "little" rant. XD In fact, this may be the longest recap post ever, lol. Hey—I'm hardcore when it comes to The Raven Cycle!

On a much happier note, we celebrated our fourth blogoversary on April 11! Thank you again to all of you who stopped by that post. Your lovely comments truly made my heart happy! ♥

I only read 2 books in April, and my favorite without question was:

If you've at all been hesitating to start this series, READ. IT. NOW!

My favorite quote of the month comes from, no surprise, A Gathering of Shadows!

"People survived by being cautious, but they got ahead by being bold."

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  1. I am still SO PISSED at Amazon over all of this. They did it to me last year with ACOTAR and I ranted in an email to them to no avail. I don't think they understand why people pre-order books. I mean, I don't know about you, but I placed mine December 26th! They had more than enough time to figure out if they needed more copies of Raven King. And I'm in Canada. You're in the States and it happened to Amazon UK and everything. Never again. I cancelled my ACOMAF, Empire of Storms and a Garth Nix pre-rder from them and will now officially never pre-order from Amazon again. GAH!

    Ok. Deep Breaths. So at least we both have our GORGEOUS copies of Raven King now :D YAY! And after that one, I'll be reading AGoS soon! Happy May my friend ♥ and MAY the Force be with you XD

    1. May the Force be with you, too, hahaha! Yes, May is going to be a knockout reading month for us!

      I still can't believe how badly Amazon botched the TRK pre-orders, as well has the extent of it! And then they couldn't deliver your ACoMaF pre-order on release day! Wow.

      But yes, we are both now in possession of copies of TRK! You're going to LOVE AGoS; I'm planning on reading Vicious soon! :D

  2. Oh gosh, that story alone, with a few hyperboles, can be a shorty! Like an homage to TRK. I saw on IG that you managed to get a copy, enjoy your last cuddle with the boys & Blue :)

    1. I'm savoring every second of it, lol. Hehe, my rant did spiral out of control there; between no book and no AC, I was one crazed woman last week! XD

  3. Aww sorry about the whole book debacle! That would be so frustrating. And I feel you about not having a bookstore nearby, though my B&N isn't quite as far. And not having AC is terrible. Blogging on a Kindle is also terrible lol. I had to do that for a week or two when my laptop broke and I didn't have anything else to use.

    Anyway, enjoy your book and happy late blogoversary!

    1. Thank you! Driving around for TRK has absolutely been worth it, and today the AC got repaired, so fingers crossed the rest of the week is quiet, lol.

  4. Oh that’s just too bad about your copy of the Raven King!!! I’m also dying to get my hands on my copy (which I’m expecting in the mail next week) so I absolutely feel your pain! I pre-ordered it but OF COURSE I don’t have it yet -_- Anyway, I hope you enjoy the book! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it :)

    1. Can't wait for you to read it, too! It's been just spectacular so far. :D


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