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Discussing Game of Thrones: Home

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Home.”

Wow. That's all I can say about the first two GoT episodes of this season. "Home" was another whiz-bang affair that ended with arguably one of the show's most memorable moments ever.

Bran Is a Tree

Well, it's more like he's in a giant tree with the Three-Eyed Raven? After being absent for all of Season 5, Bran, Hodor, and Meera are back. Bran finds himself in a vision where he's taken back in time to Winterfell, where a young Ned and Benjen are sparring in the courtyard. We also see their sister, Lyanna, and a young Hodor. Bran wants to remain in the vision, but the Three-Eyed Raven takes them back to reality, which is inside of a cave.

Knock, Knock

Time is up for Davos and the loyal Night's Watch brothers holed up in the room with Jon's body and Ghost. Thorne and his men are ready to fight, and just as the door gives way, Wun Wun the giant turns up, along with Edd and the Wildlings. A very stupid Night's Watch man shoots Wun Wun with a crossbow bolt and promptly gets crushed to a pulp. This instills fear in most of Thorne's men, who throw down their weapons. The lot of them are to be put into cells. Tormund goes to see Jon's body and says that he'll have his men get a fire ready to burn the body.

Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown

Back in King's Landing, Cersei, escorted by Frankengregor, tries to make her way to the sept for Myrcella's funeral but is barred by soldiers acting under Tommen's orders. In the sept, Tommen and Jaime have a little therapy session, with Tommen lamenting how weak he's acted in protecting his mother and his wife. The High Sparrow shows up, and Jaime shoos Tommen off to go to Cersei. Jaime gives the High Sparrow a piece of his mind and looks like he's going to draw his sword, but the High Sparrow isn't cowed, especially when a bunch of his followers appear in the sept—armed. In the Red Keep, Tommen finally faces his mother and apologizes to her for not allowing her to attend the funeral and for not going to see her sooner.

Please Don't Eat the Help

In Meereen, there's still no word on Daenerys's whereabouts. Meanwhile, the masters have retaken most of Slaver's Bay. Tyrion gets the maybe-not-so-brilliant idea of going to see the remaining dragons, Viserion and Rhaegal, who are still chained up beneath the pyramid. Varys goes with him but stays as close as possible to the door, lol. To the amazement of both Varys and Tyrion, the dragons allow the latter to undo their chains, further fueling fan theories about Tyrion everywhere.

Say Your Name

In Braavos, the Waif arrives for her daily roughing up of Arya. Then Jaqen materializes, and he tempts Arya with offers of shelter, food, and her eyesight if she just says her name. Arya insists that she has no name, and Jaqen pronounces her no longer a beggar.

How Low Will Ramsay Go?

The guy has no concept of low, apparently. News reaches Winterfell that the men Ramsay sent to bring Sansa back are dead. Her likeliest destination seems to be Castle Black, so Ramsay proposes storming it and killing Jon (a little late for that). Roose isn't all that enthused about this idea, but the discussion is put on hold when Maester Wolkan interrupts to announce that Lady Walda has given birth to a son. Ramsay proceeds to kill his father and orders Maester Wolkan to send ravens to the other northern houses saying that Roose was poisoned by enemies. Ramsay also demands that Lady Walda and the baby be brought to him. Walda immediately senses that something is wrong when she's met by Ramsay, without Roose. Ramsay leads her to the kennels and releases the hounds.

Theon Heads Home

Sansa asks Brienne about Arya and admits that she should have gone with Brienne when she had the chance. Now that Sansa has accepted Brienne's service, Theon tells Sansa that he's going to go home to the Iron Islands. Even after she assures him that she would vouch for him once they reach Castle Black, Theon believes that Jon will kill him for everything he's done to the Starks.

That's Why You Shouldn't Walk Across Rickety Bridges in a Storm

Speaking of the Iron Islands . . . . Yara pretty much tells Balon that their campaign is over, but he won't hear it. He goes outside in a vicious rainstorm and is crossing a very unsafe looking bridge when a cloaked figure appears on the opposite end. Grumpy Balon demands that the mystery figure move aside. The mystery figure is Balon's brother, Euron, who lost some of his marbles while at sea. Balon draws his weapon but he's too slow for Euron, who just tosses him over the bridge. And so the fifth king falls.


Melisandre is in her chamber, sitting by the fire and looking very, very glum when Davos pays her a visit. He asks her if she knows of any magic that could bring Jon Snow back. She hasn't made such a resurrection attempt before, but she decides to try. Her efforts seem to fail, and one by one, Mel, Tormund, and Davos file out of the room where Jon's body is. Ghost appears to be sleeping, and when he wakes up, guess who also wakes up???!!!!

In the Next Episode

R + L = J?


  1. Yes, Jon Snow is alive!! OMG!!
    I hope Ramsay gets eaten by his own dogs or worse, that dude's asking for some hard bitch karma.
    Tyrion is the man!
    Can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

    1. Let's hope that Ramsay gets his comeuppance, very, very soon. Definitely intrigued by Tyrion and the dragons, and I hope Jon is truly Jon again and doesn't have any lingering effects from being brought back from the dead!

  2. I liked the Bran stuff, nice to see Lyanna show up. And I LOVED it when Wun Wun showed up- he put a stop to Thorne. :) I liked the Tyrion scene, the dragons looked amazing! And I'm glad they showed the Balon/ Euron scene, that was tailor made for TV with the rickety bridge and the howling storm. they did it pretty well. Euron may shake things up now that he's here. It's kinda fun seeing where they're going without the books to guide us, although I never thought I'd say that. :)

    Looks like Tower of Joy this week? Yay!

    1. You just don't mess with Wun Wun, lol! Euron definitely looks like he's going to stir things up on the Iron Islands; it's probably safe to say he's going to cause trouble for Yara specifically, especially if she wants the Seastone Chair. And I can't wait to see the Tower of Joy tonight!

  3. I adored the memory Bran was visiting at Wintefell. It was cool to put a face to Lyanna and Hodor was talking!! Just makes me all the more curious as to what happened to make him as he is today.

    This episode was just freaking great. When the wildlings showed up I was like yes, Wun Wun for the win again!

    And I don't think Tommen is too long for the world of Westeros. The weak get eaten up quick and he's a sweet kid, but such a wuss.

    I LOVED the scene with Tyrion and the dragons. Especially since he has loved and longed for a dragon all of his life. And the scene does lend itself towards a popular theory that I've started to buy into as well after the second or third go round of reading the books. But we shall see if it pans out.

    Ramsay...can't say I'm surprised at these turn of events. But Walda was kinda foolish. She should know by now it is never wise to follow Ramsay anywhere for any reason! Poor lady and her son. I just want one or all of the surviving direwolves to feed on him slowly.

    The scene with Balon and Euron was interesting. Though he meets his fate the same way, it in the book (if I'm remembering correctly) they allude to Balon being taking out by Jaquen or another faceless man.

    Now that end scene...OMG!!!!! As soon as Ghost began to stir my heart jumped for joy!! Bae is back!

    1. Knew he wasn't dead! :D They didn't burn his body right away, so SOMETHING was about to go down. Those were definitely a few tense moments before Ghost woke up and then Jon did, lol!

      I felt like the scene with Tyrion and the dragons had huge significance. Not everyone can get that close to them, and they really seemed to be listening to him. For a moment I thought they were going to breathe fire, and he wasn't going to get burnt, but the show went in a little different direction with that scene.

      I only remember that Balon fell off the bridge in the books. I wouldn't be surprised if it was Jaqen; that dude has a knack for showing up where you least expect him, lol.


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