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Discussing Game of Thrones: Blood of My Blood

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Blood of My Blood.”

Thanks to the long weekend, I was actually able to post a recap before Friday! LOL. This season has been all about the big reveals which readers of the books are still waiting for, and we got another one in this episode.

Coldhands to the Rescue

Gotta feel bad for poor Meera. Bran is still in lala land, and she's trying to haul him in heavy snowfall. Bran is still processing all the knowledge that the Three-Eyed Raven gave him, and we see a montage of key moments from the world of GoT, including Daenerys's father, Aerys the Mad King, screaming for all of King's Landing and everyone in it to be burned. Bran wakes up to tell Meera that they've been found—to her horror, they're surrounded by wights. The situation looks completely hopeless until a mysterious man on a horse comes to their rescue.

Horn Hill Homecoming

Sam and Gilly are en route to his family home, Horn Hill. His plan is for her and little Sam to remain there while he goes off to the Citadel for his maester training. Gilly asks Sam what he's told his family about her—if they know she's a wildling. No, he hasn't, but he has claimed baby Sam as his so they'll take the boy in. Sam's mother and sister are kind and welcoming when they arrive. Lord Randyll Tarly is out on a hunt and isn't there to greet them, but we'll get an ugly look at him later in the episode.

Tommen Needs to Grow a Brain of His Own

In the Great Sept of Baelor, Tommen asks the High Sparrow if there's any way for Margaery to avoid doing a walk of atonement. The Sparrow says no, but he does allow the king to see his wife. Margaery is all cleaned up with shiny tresses (no haircut for her!) and spouting some BS about how amazing and right the Sparrow is. At least Tommen picks up on the fact that something is amiss here with Margaery suddenly wholly repentant and singing the Sparrow's praises. He even deducts that she's doing it for Loras's sake. Oh Margaery—Lady Crane should take some acting tips from you!

GoT Loves Its Awkward Family Dinners

Back at Horn Hill, the Tarly family, including intimidating Lord Randyll, is assembled for dinner. Gilly is all dressed up thanks to Sam's sister, but a change of wardrobe isn't nearly enough to disguise how terribly out of place she is. After a brutal insult from his father, Sam decides that another helping of bread isn't advisable. Lord Randyll, a supreme jackass, berates Sam throughout the meal but really goes ballistic when he figures out that Gilly is a wildling. Sam remains quiet as his father spews, but Gilly stands up for Sam. Lady Tarly finally can't take anymore and whisks Gilly and her daughter from the room. Alone together, Sam tells Gilly that he didn't speak a word against his father so that Lord Tarly would allow Gilly and little Sam to stay. Sam is to be forever exiled from Horn Hill and prepares to leave, but then he changes his mind and tells Gilly they're getting out of there—together. But first he swipes Heartsbane, the Valyrian steel blade that's been passed down through the family.

And Now We Know Who's Face Is Going to Be Added to the Hall

In Braavos, Arya is watching the acting troupe again. This time they're reenacting the Purple Wedding, and Arya is highly amused watching actor Joffrey die. Lady Crane as Cersei delivers a dramatic monologue during his death scene as Arya catches the jealous actress who hired the Faceless Men to kill Lady Crane mouthing her lines. Arya sneaks backstage and poisons Lady Crane's wine, and said lady catches Arya on her way out. Lady Crane has noticed Arya in the crowd before and thinks Arya is hanging around because she has acting aspirations of her own. Lady Crane seems to take a bit of a shine to Arya, who makes the fateful decision to knock the wine glass out of her target's hand just as she's about to take a sip. Not only that, but Arya announces in front of the whole troupe that the young actress is out to kill Lady Crane. As Arya leaves, we see the Waif, who goes back to the House of Black and White and reports to Jaqen. He tells her not to let Arya suffer, but the smirk on the Waif's face seems to say that she has other ideas. In the meantime, Arya has retrieved Needle from where she buried her beloved blade. Good thinking, Arya, because the Waif is coming for you.

Just a Would-Be Battle

In King's Landing, Jaime greets Mace Tyrell and his troops. Jaime tries to keep a straight face as Mace delivers a rather ridiculous speech to his men. I had a hard time keeping a straight face just because of the plume on Mace's helmet. Lady Olenna is there, too, as Jaime demands the release of both Margaery and Loras. Jaime charges up the steps to the sept on his horse, looking like a total badass. The Tyrell soldiers have their spears at the ready for the Faith Militant, but then the High Sparrow announces that there will be no walk of atonement for Margaery today because she has brought another into the light. The sept doors open, and out strolls Tommen, accompanied by the Kingsguard wearing armor showing the seven-pointed star and a crown, a symbol of their new alliance. Jaime is pissed that Tommen would do such a thing. Mace asks his mother what's going on, and she replies that they've been beaten by the Sparrow. Next in the throne room, Tommen dismisses Jaime from the Kingsguard; attacking the faith is now equivalent to attacking the crown.

In Case You Forgot Who Walder Frey Was

He's the geezer who hosted the Red Wedding. Now he's chewing out his sons for losing Riverrun to the Blackfish. They point out that some of the other Riverlands houses have rallied behind House Tully, and the Brotherhood without Banners is also causing trouble. Old Walder will hear none of their excuses, however, and wants the Blackfish to be reminded that the Freys are still holding a very valuable prisoner. After also being MIA like his uncle the Blackfish since Season 3, the Freys march out a ragged looking Black Jack Randall, I mean Edmure Tully, Catelyn Stark's younger brother.

Jaime & Bronn's Epic Travels, Part II?

Jaime is bitching to Cersei about how he's being sent to the Riverlands to deal with the Blackfish. You know who else is being sent to the Riverlands, but to ally with the Blackfish? Brienne. Sooooo, maybe Jaime and Brienne are going to meet up there, like in the books? Look, I find Tormund's crush or whatever you want to call it on Brienne hilarious, but I've always shipped Jaime and Brienne. It really irks me that on the show he seems to be back with Cersei (and it grosses me out to say that, too) because that's NOT the case in the books. Anyway, TV Cersei tells TV Jaime to do as he's told; she'll be fine while he's gone because she's got Frankengregor as her champion for her upcoming trial by combat.

Knew. It!

And so readers of the books had a long-running theory confirmed by the show: Benjen Stark is Coldhands, the mysterious man dressed like a brother of the Night's Watch who also helped Bran and his traveling companions in the books. Benjen tells Bran and Meera how he was out with his ranging party and ran into White Walkers. One of them stabbed him and left him to turn, but the Children of the Forest saved him by stabbing him in the heart with dragonglass.

The Prodigal Dragon Returns. Again.

Daenerys and Daario are riding at the head of khalasar, discussing how long it's going to take to get back to Meereen and then how many ships will be needed to sail to Westeros. She suddenly stops and rides off on her own. Daario becomes concerned and is about to follow her, but no need. She's flying Drogon, who is ENORMOUS. Then she delivers yet another epic speech; I've lost count of how many that makes now. XD

In the Next Episode

The Blackfish returns (so Littlefinger wasn't lying!)! Sansa meets with House Glover? Yara and Theon plot revenge. Tormund tries to rally the wildlings to Jon's side. Bronn is back!


  1. Glad to see your post since I want to talk about this one lol. This was a good one. Coldhands and Arya- the big moments for me. Do you that Coldhands will be Benjen in the books- I thought Martin said somewhere they're not the same? But on the show they're definitely going that way. I liked it! And Arya has Needle again- yay. Her vs the Waif has been quite foreshadowed and should be good.

    I found myself wondering whether Margaery was just acting or if she truly was brainwashed by the Sparrow. If she's just acting then she's outsmarted the High Sparrow and Cersei better watch out- Margaery is even more dangerous than I thought. :)

    They spent a LOT of time at Horn Hill so something big must be coming up in Sam's storyline. And is Mace silly on the show or what? I know he's kind of a buffoon in the books but I never imagined him as THIS silly. Good grief he looked ridiculous! And I love the mentions of houses like Mallister and Blackwood- two of my favorites. :) Love that Jaime is heading for the riverlands- maybe they'll get closer to book Jaime now. Jaime treating with Blackfish and Lord Blackwood in ADwD were some of my favorite, so I'm looking forward to seeing it here.

    1. I feel like since so many people theorize that Coldhands is Benjen in the books that Martin will definitely make them separate characters, lol. I also liked that the show brought Benjen back, and his appearance and the explanation of what happened to him tied in nicely with what we learned about the Children of the Forest and the White Walkers the week before.

      I was so happy to see Arya reunited with Needle! If she gets out of Braavos, I wonder what her next move will be; this would be a great time for Nymeria to show up!

      Margaery, especially Margaery on the show, has always struck me as dangerously smart, so I think she one upped them all in this episode. I wish I could say the same about her father, lol. Between his speech and just how goofy he looked trying to lead an army, I wanted to bust out laughing as much as Jaime appeared like he did, too.

      I'm extremely eager to see what goes down in the riverlands in the next ep! Here's hoping that we get book Jaime back. He was there for a little while and then disappeared once he returned to KL and Cersei, lol. I'm also excited to see the Blackfish again!

  2. So much revealed here. I just knew we'd eventually see Benjen again in all of this. I was wavering on if he would be cold hands b/c George denied it, but I knew he would be back in some capacity. I will wait till the book drops to know for absolute certain whether he is in fact Cold Hands or not. But the show makes it seem that way for sure. Anyway, I'm glad Meera has some help with Bran now.

    Gullible, malleable ass Tommen. He just makes me shake my head and sigh. Such a weak little man. He does indeed need to get a mind and will of his own.

    Arya!!! Honestly, I've been waiting on this moment since Arya went to Braavos. I get that she had to train and yada, but there is no other Arya, and the story could not go on without her discovering and becoming herself again. I was so happy to see Needle and know that Arya is a total badass now and is probably off to handle some business. I think the waif should look out, because Arya has found herself again.

    That whole scene at Horn Hill was awkward and painful. I hate that Sam's Dad treats him so bad. But Sam is not putting up with his father's foolishness any longer. Good for him!

    Why hasn't Walder Frey's old ass dropped dead yet!!?? I just want him to die a slow tortuous death. I will never forgive him for Robb and Grey Wind. And I'm so glad the Blackfish took Riverun back. I'm quite anxious to see how it all plays out. Especially since Jamie and Brienne seem to be on their way to the same area. LMAO @ Geezer b/c that's exactly what he is!

    And yay for Drogon! I was so happy to see him show up again. Wounds healed and enormously big! and Dany sure knows how to get the crows fired up! Watch out Westeros! The Dragon Queen is coming!

    1. I'm very curious to see whether the season's going to end with her sailing for Westeros. With how quickly story lines are moving this season, I wouldn't be surprised.

      I HATE Walder Frey so much! I really, really, really hope he finally pays for the Red Wedding. It would be perfect if Arya got out of Braavos and turned up here and was the one to kill him.

      I was proud of Sam for swiping Heartsbane before he left! I understood why he didn't want get sassy with his dad, but at the same time, I stewed watching his father tear him apart in front of everyone.

      The Benjen/Coldhands reveal was epic. Same here, I'll wait for it to be confirmed or denied in the books, but I really liked how it was done on the show.

  3. I haven't seen the episode in full yet. I was so exhausted from our trip down there, I just caught snippets. I am eager to see Drogon and listen to Dany's rousing speech

    1. It was a good one! I give her a lot of credit for being able to deliver those epic speeches in like three different languages!


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