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Discussing Game of Thrones: Oathbreaker

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Oathbreaker.”

Nap Time Is Over

Davos and Melisandre learn that her magic actually worked last week—Jon Snow is alive! Jon remembers being stabbed, specifically by Olly in the heart, but nothing after he actually died. Jon laments to Davos about trying to do the right thing and getting killed for it. It's a pretty epic scene when Jon steps outside and everyone is stunned to see him. Loved the bro hugs between Jon and Tormund and then Jon and Edd.

Lest We Forget About These Two

Sam and Gilly are on board a ship, and Sam is terribly seasick. Gilly learns that she won't be going to Oldtown with Sam, like she'd thought; he's dropping her off at Horn Hill with his mother.

The Tower of Joy!

Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven are in another vision, this one of a young Ned and Howland Reed, Meera's father, confronting Ser Arthur Dayne, the legendary Sword of the Morning, and another Kingsguard outside the Tower of Joy. Ned tells Dayne that the Mad King Aerys and Rhaegar Targaryen are both dead, and he demands to know where his sister is. A fierce fight ensues, with Dayne wielding two swords and cutting down every man except Ned and Howland Reed, who saves Ned's life by stabbing Dayne in the back. Ned starts up the tower steps but of course it's at that point that the Three-Eyed Raven announces to Bran that it's time to depart.

Well, It's Not Quite the Pyramid Back in Meereen

Daenerys is back in Vaes Dothrak, and the Dosh Khaleen don't exactly roll out the red carpet for her arrival. Daenerys broke the rules by not going there immediately after Drogo's death, and now her fate will be decided by the other khalasars that have gathered in the city for a special event.

Varys Does What Varys Does Best

Back in Meereen, Varys questions Vala, the woman who helped the Sons of the Harpy last season. He offers her safe passage for her and her son on a ship to Pentos if she tells him who's funding the Sons. His persuasion works as he later tells Tyrion, Missandei, and Grey Worm that Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis are all funding the Sons.

The Small Council Bolts

Qyburn creepily hands out sweets to the little birds who used to work for Varys and reminds them to tell their friends that there are still open positions in the spy network. Jaime, Cersei, and Frankgregor, whose true identity is totally out in the open, enter the dungeon. Cersei plans to have Franken-G be her champion in trial by combat. Next the trio crash the Small Council meeting being presided over by Uncle Kevan, who is a no-nonsense kind of man, and walk in just in time to catch Pycelle talking crap about the former Mountain. Jaime asserts that he has a right to be at the meeting as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and Cersei demands to know what's going to be done about Dorne. Kevan, however, just takes the meeting and its attendees, Lady Olenna Tyrell among them, elsewhere.

The High Sparrow Is One Smooth Talker

Tommen musters up as much kingly courage as possible and confronts the High Sparrow, demanding to know when Cersei can see Myrcella's resting place. The High Sparrow replies that there needs to be a trial and proceeds to talk so persuasively to Tommen that by the end of the conversation, Tommen has cooled off considerably.

Arya Can See!

It's more stick sparring with the Waif for Arya, who at least has been allowed to return to the House of Black and White. Jaqen offers Arya some of the water that she knows is fatal to drink, but she does it anyway, and tada! She gets her eyesight back!

Will Winterfell Ever Be a Happy Place Again?!

One of the Umbers, and I'm not sure which one, asks Ramsay for help fighting Jon Snow and the Wildlings. He's even brought Ramsay a present, which turns out to be two captives with their heads covered. One is revealed to be Osha—isn't she supposed to be hiding Rickon on Skagos? No, wait, she's not, because the other mystery figure is Rickon. Most upsetting of all, at least for me, was when Umber presented Shaggydog's head! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The Lord Commander Gives His Notice

That he's quitting, apparently! But first there's the matter of executing the traitors: Bowen Marsh, Othell Yarwyck, Alliser Thorne, and Olly. I thought for a moment that Jon might crack and spare Olly, but he did not. And then Jon handed off his cloak and command of the Wall to Dolorous Edd. Jon Snow out!

In the Next Episode

Sansa and Brienne possibly make it to the Wall?! Littlefinger and Robin Arryn are back. Theon and Yara have what looks like an unhappy family reunion. Jorah and Daario may have to execute a rescue operation.


  1. Nice recap! And a pretty good episode. I thought the Jon parts were strong and the Tower of Joy was pretty good too (although Dayne didn't have Dawn, I guess they gave him two swords cause they thought that would look more badass?) and I wish they would have stayed with the seven vs three, but they must have had their reasons. I loved the look on Melisandre's face- she's like it worked??? lol.

    I hope it doesn't take all season (and most of the next book) for Dany to get to Westeros, but realistically... it probably will. I'm not really into the khalasar stuff but she needs troops, so... I didn't like the Umber/ Shaggydog thing either, it seems like the Umbers wouldn't betray Robb and I also think Osha would have been more careful, but we'll see where they go with it. Jaime and Cersei aren't really working for me either. The book is so much more nuanced with the Kings Landing and Jaime story arcs.

    Still it was fun to watch. :) I'm with you, I thought Jon might spare all the traitors actually and just quit, but he executed them first. Interesting. I look forward to seeing Jon marching on Winterfell?

    1. I loved Melisandre's expression, too, lol! She really did lose faith in the Lord of Light, which not too long ago I wouldn't have pictured happening. But then, there's a lot of stuff that's happened in the first three episodes that I didn't picture happening. XD

      The House Umber of the books always struck me as loyal to the Starks, so it made me a little sad to see whatever Umber was in that episode turn on them. And I really want book Jaime- the one who burned Cersei's letter begging him to bail her out of trouble when she got arrested!

      I really did think that Jon was going to spare Olly for a moment there, but I also think Olly's betrayal stung him the most. I'm also eager to see where Jon is headed next; with any luck, it's to take out Ramsay! :D

  2. Yes Jon is back, and walking and talking and brooding and waxing poetic about his death! I love a good bromance and Edd and Tormund are some interesting characters to have as friends.

    I loved the Tower of Joy scene, but I could have sworn Ned 'heard' bran call for him when he was sitting under the Weirwood tree in Winterfell and not on his way into the tower. So I wonder why they changed that in the memories.

    And YES, the Queen of shade throwing herself is back. I love me some Lady Olenna. The Queen of Thorns gives me life and a good giggle whenever she;s on screen.

    Tommen...he's just weak man. So soft and so gullible. I hope he grows a spine before he dies.

    Now that whole Umber scene!! First off...I LMAO when he told him his father was a cunt and he wasn't swearing no fealty to Ramsay. But when he brought in Osha and Rickon and the head of Shaggy I had the same reaction as you. NOOOOOOO! I wanted to fight him all up in the face! But upon watching the episode a second time, I realized that the head of that wolf looked entirely too small to be a direwolf's. So I am praying that the Umbers and maybe the rest of the North are making a play to set Ramsay up and finally eliminate his evil ass.

    As for Jon quitting...I'm curious why they named the episode oathbreaker because he didn't really break his oath. He is a night's watchman until the day he dies. Well, he died...contract fulfilled. It ain't his fault he was brought back to life. So I say quit Jon, and don't you feel bad about it. I wouldn't stay where I couldn't trust folks either. Good day to you, deuces!

    1. I don't blame Jon for wanting to get out of there, either. The only other people I trust at Castle Black right now are Tormund, Edd, and Davos.

      That would be AWESOME if the northern houses that are still loyal to the Starks are up to something. Ramsay has GOT to go!

      I wasn't expecting to see Lady Olenna, but I'm so happy she's back! Love her and her sass!

      I remember Ned hearing Bran under the Winterfell weirwood like you do. Not sure why they changed it, either. Looking forward to Bran's next vision with the Night's King- what is THAT about?!


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