Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Raven Cycle Week 2016: Questions, Thoughts, and Theories About The Raven King

* SPOILER WARNING: This post contains spoilers for The Raven Cycle series.

It's Day 2 of The Raven Cycle Week, and who doesn't love conjecturing about series enders?

Ally is the queen of accurately predicting what will happen in a book, but alas, she's cramming for college finals at the moment. So you're stuck with me writing this post solo, and this is not my forté as it is Ally's. But onward we go!

Where the Bloody Hell Are You, Glendower?!

Richard Campbell Gansey III has been searching for his sleeping king for a good chunk of his young life, a quest that has been nothing short of exhaustive. But will Gansey and his friends, who've become just as invested in this journey, finally find Glendower? Will someone be granted a favor, as the legend says? Or will Glendower just be pissed off to have his centuries-long nap interrupted by a couple of meddling teens?

More Gray, Please!

I LOVE the Gray Man! He's become one of my favorite characters who isn't Blue or a Raven Boy, lol. I love that the Gray Man and Blue have sort of formed a bond, and I totally ship him and Maura, Blue's mom. I don't even care that Blue's father turned up in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. I'm rooting for Mr. Gray all the way because morally ambiguous characters are absolutely my thing.

The Ship That Must Sail, Part 1

Blue and Gansey—there MUST be way for you two to be together! THERE. MUST! You've been growing closer with every book, setting my heart all aflutter. AFLUTTER! You're both incredibly smart; surely you'll think of a way to overcome the whole Blue's-True-Love-Will-Die conundrum. Come on, kids; you got this! I won't be able to close my copy of The Raven King if you don't get your completely deserved HEA!

The Ship That Must Sail, Part 2. Like, I Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Mean It.

PYNCH. GAHHHHHH! If Ronan + Adam doesn't happen, I'm gonna be angry. Hulk angry. My copy of The Raven King may go flying across the room in a fit of rage angry. This has been one of the most beautifully written story lines in the series, and that's really saying something because everything about the series is sheer perfection and brilliance. Pynch. Must. Sail.

But Will There Be One Final Reprise of The Murder Squash Song?

Ronan tortures everyone by singing this in Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Of course I find this hilarious, and would it be too much to ask Ronan to dust off this ditty for one last performance? Or two. Or three.

Do you love The Raven Cycle, too? Feel free to post this week on any Raven Cycle-related topic and add your link to the linky below! :)


  1. I love this post! I am also waiting and wanting all these things!! Great post.

    1. I can't wait to find out if any of this happens; with any luck, everything I'm hoping for will, lol!

  2. Ok so here's what I'm hoping/wishing for: Gansey OR Blue find Glendower and he grants them a wish, being that Gansey WILL LIVE and Blue CAN KISS HIM and they can be together! PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE. And as for Pynch? Well you know ALL about my RAGING feels about that ship. It.Must.Sail. Oh and I love The Gray Man too, he needs to return for TRK and be with Mara - I love his bond with Blue so hard ♥ Brilliant post!! xxxx

    1. Maybe the Gray Man is Glendower! XD I'm so anxious to get my hands on TRK, I suspect everyone in the series of being Glendower in disguise, lol. I hope you're ready for some EPIC Twitter chats next week! ♥


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