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Discussing Game of Thrones: Book of the Stranger

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Book of the Stranger.”

Story arcs are converging fast this season, and this episode saw one of its sweetest meetings between characters yet! And I do mean "sweetest" literally; on a show where a character or two is expected to die every episode, reunions are a rare, rare thing.

Quite Possibly the Greatest GoT Moment Ever!

At least on the show, because we're wayyyy beyond the books now. At the Wall, Jon is packing up and talking to Dolorous Edd when the horn sounds. The gate opens dramatically to reveal Brienne, Pod, and Sansa. Sansa and Jon. Together. In the same place. At the same time. In the same scene. Emotion overload! Later, as they're sitting together by the fire, Sansa shows some figurative fire and urges a battle-weary Jon to help her take back Winterfell. She vows to do it herself if she has to.

Yep, I Did It

Melisandre is still looking sad, and when Davos asks her what she's going to do next, she says whatever Jon Snow says; he's the prince that was promised. Davos laments that Stannis wasn't that prince and then questions Melisandre about what happened to Stannis—and Shireen. I'd been wondering when/if the show would ever get around to Davos finding out what went down after Stannis dispatched him back to the Wall. But then Brienne interrupts the conversation and bluntly says that she was the one who killed Stannis.

The Knights of the Vale May Finally See a Fight

It appears that since Littlefinger left the Vale, Robin Arryn hasn't improved his archery skills at all under Lord Royce's watch. Littlefinger returns with a falcon for Robin, who's completely distracted by it. Meanwhile, Lord Royce quizzes Littlefinger about how Sansa ended up at Winterfell instead of the Fingers and calls Littlefinger out when the latter lies and says they were set upon by Bolton men. Littlefinger, having just given Robin a present, can persuade him to do whatever he wants, including dispose of Lord Royce for his insinuations. Littlefinger spares the lord, though, and also gets Robin to agree to send the Knights of the Vale to help Sansa, who Littlefinger tells Robin is on the run from Ramsay.

Tyrion Tries to Work His Negotiating Magic

The masters arrive in Meereen, and Tyrion makes a proposal: they'll have 7 years to end slavery, with slaveholders receiving fair compensation, if the masters cut off support for the Sons of the Harpy, which they deny they've been doing. The offer is a tough sell all-around, particularly for Missandei and Grey Worm, who know all too well what it's like to suffer under the masters.

Umm, Yeah, I've Been Trying to Hide My Greyscale

Daario and Jorah are just outside of Vaes Dothrak, and Daario is teasing his companion about his age. Jorah reminds him that they need to work together to rescue Daenerys, which they'll attempt at dark—and without their weapons, which are forbidden in the city. As Daario goes to hand Jorah his knife, he spots the greyscale. Once night falls, they sneak into Vaes Dothrak and have to fight their way out of a run-in with two Dothraki, one of whom belongs to Khal Moro's khalasar. Jorah and Daario finally find Daenerys outside of the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. Their prospects of escaping the city alive look bleak, but Daenerys has a plan.

Margaery Tries to Keep It Together

Septa Unella brings Margaery from her cell to the High Sparrow, who blah, blah, blahs for a bit. Afterwards, Margaery is allowed to see Loras, who's been enduring gods know what. He's clearly been broken, and although at first his sister urges him not to give in, she's stricken when he begs her to make the Sparrow and his lackeys stop whatever torture they've been inflicting on him.

A Shaky Alliance

Cersei boots Pycelle from his talk with Tommen, during which Tommen warns his mother not to antagonize the High Sparrow because he has Margaery in his custody. Tommen also reveals to Cersei that Margaery is to do a walk of atonement. She and Jaime take this news to Olenna and Kevan. Olenna is like seven hells, nooooo, my granddaughter will NOT be doing THAT. Jaime proposes that the Tyrell armies march on Kings Landing, and when they arrive, his uncle, who's been forbidden by Tommen to engage the Faith Militant lest they harm Margaery, is to just stand down. After Cersei asks him if he still cares about Lancel, Kevan seems willing to go along with the plan.

A Rather Frosty Welcome Home

Theon finally arrives home to the Iron Islands, but Yara isn't exactly thrilled to see him. She's still upset that he didn't go with her when she tried to rescue him from Ramsay, and she's also suspicious of his timing, so soon after their father's death. Yara thinks Theon wants to claim rule of the Iron Islands for himself, but instead he tells her that he'll support her at the Kingsmoot.

Will the North Remember?

At Winterfell, Osha tries to distract Ramsay so she can kill him, but he grabs the knife first. RIP, Osha. At Castle Black, everyone is enjoying a yummy meal (no, not really), and Tormund is giving Brienne some sly glances. Not only did I find this hilarious, but I also chuckled at Dolorous Edd's reaction when he spotted what was going on! Getting back to business, Jon receives a disturbing letter from Ramsay; as if Ramsay would write anything but a disturbing, disgusting letter. He lets Jon know that he has Rickon captive and that Shaggydog is dead. Sansa tells Jon that they have to rescue their brother and take back their home, and that there are still northern houses that will fight for him.

Flashback to the Season 1 Finale (Without Dragons)

In Vaes Dothrak, the khals are ready to decide Daenerys's fate. She's brought before them and is defiant. Just as Khal Moro declares that she's going to pay for her sass, she starts knocking over the fires in the temple of the Dosh Khaleen. Clearly the temple is not up to the fire code, as it's engulfed in flames almost immediately. Since fire cannot kill a dragon, all of the khals burn and Daenerys emerges from the blazing ruins of the temple unscathed. And just like that, she's khaleesi of ALL the Dothraki.

In the Next Episode

Sansa confronts Littlefinger! The Kingsmoot. A new Red Woman? BRAN AND THE NIGHT'S KING!!!!


  1. I LOVED Sansa in this one, and thought it was funny she had to spark Jon to fight. Sophie turner plays her well. And you're right- nice to finally see something good happen to the Starks- for a change! I hope Sansa and Jon go on to kick a little butt. :)

    Bronze Yohn Royce is such a badass in the books that I didn't like how he was portrayed here, but regardless it looks like the Vale is joining the fight so that is nice. I wish they would in the books. :) It was nice to see Margaery again, and I've really been wondering what the deal is with Loras in the books (was he really wounded at dragonstone?). Here of course the Sparrow has him, so maybe we'll get some hints?

    I think there's a good chance the Tyrells will just take over when they get to KL. If the Lannisters stand down and let 'em in they may deal with th Sparrow but the Lannisters may regret letting them in... maybe?

    I have to say I'm fascinated to see where Jon/ Sansa/ Melisandre/ Davos go from here. The north storyline is my favorite right now.

    1. I was really proud of Sansa for pushing Jon to fight for their family and their home. Loving the north story line, too! I hope some of the other northern houses will rally to the Starks' cause! I thought I saw Walder Frey in one of the S6 trailers, so I'm wondering if the Manderlys are going to show up and if there will be some Frey pie served soon.

      I've also wondered about Loras's fate in the books. Which is why we need The Winds of Winter already, LOL!

  2. This episode has been the best one yet this season. Oh man...I just...when Jon and Sansa reunited I just didn't know what to do with myself. It got me right in the heart and just gave me all of the feels! I've rewatched that part so many times because it's so heartwarming. Been waiting 5 season for a Stark/snow reunion and it finally happened!

    I don't know whow long Tyrion's deal is going to fly once Dany gets back to Mereen. But there really isn't much they can do now to make peace so a deal was in order.

    I don't know what they've been doing to Loras man. he looks terrible. Although he's a good knight, to me he's always seemed a bit weak in spirit so I'm not surprised he's done with the shenanigans. But torture can break you down too.

    Poor Osha. I was hoping she would keep on keeping on. But this was only her second appearance this season and they offed her already.

    Now that letter to Jon from Ramsay made me want to slow roast his ass. The boy is just pure evil and I REALLY want Jon to march on Winterfell and feed Ramsay to Ghost.

    As for Dany!!!!!! My girls is till a BAWSE, you hear me! That scene was sooooo epic and yes took me back to season one. She told them they were little men who wanted little things. So Dany was the Rider who mounts the world. Or something like that. I forget the exact expression the Dothraki used, but she was the one to unite all the khlasars under one rule. She's just badass. I can't wait to see what is to come!

    1. Jon and Sansa's reunion felt unreal to me for a moment because hardly anyone gets to be happy in this world, lol. Ramsay getting fed to Ghost would be the sweetest, most fitting revenge! It kills me to see him ruling the north from Winterfell; let's hope that won't be the case much longer!

  3. Did you see Jason Momoa's IG post (I think)? It's a screenshot of Dany with some caption about not messing with his boo. Love it!

    I am getting frustrated with the build-up. Can these faction engage already? So impatient with all the army building, give me war! lol

    1. LOL! This season actually feels much faster paced to me than any other, maybe because the books move soooo slowww. I didn't see Jason Momoa's post, but I'm sure it was hilarious!

  4. I loved this episode! When Sansa and Jon Snow reunited I cried, it was such a good scene. And then when Daenerys burnt down that building killing all of the Khals, all I could think was, finally she's got her mojo back! Can't wait for the next episode tomorrow!

    1. Jon & Sansa's reunion was one of the most powerful scenes on the show- EVER. Loved it, too! Now that Daenerys has a huge army backing her, I wonder how soon it'll be before she heads to Westeros.


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