Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 2016 Recap

I'm happy to say that May was my best reading/blogging month so far this year! I got through 5 books! I'm still behind on my Goodreads challenge, but—5 books!

And I read some fantastic books in May. How could they NOT be when The Raven King, A Court of Mist and Fury, and Lady Midnight were among them? Don't even get me started on The Raven King because I won't. STOP. EVER. When you know a book is going to be your favorite read of the YEAR before it's even published, it's a pretty special book. TRK was spectacular in every possible way, and no, really, I need to leave it at that or I'm going to write another whole post about it.

I was a little hesitant to read A Court of Mist and Fury and Lady Midnight back-to-back because they're both hefty tomes, plus ACoMaF left me with one hell of a book hangover. I have this thing about reading books that I'm very eagerly anticipating one after the other; it's like I need some space between them so that I can properly appreciate each one fully. Don't ask me why I think like this; I just do, lol. But the yen to read Lady Midnight proved to be too strong, and in the end, I'm glad I followed my heart instead of my brain for once.

So it seems that books with blue covers ruled in May:

I loved all three of these books, but you know which one I'm choosing as my favorite for May, and, yes, all of 2016 even though the year isn't over yet:

In recognition of how amazing all three books were in their own way, I'm picking a favorite quote from each:

It was not that the women in 300 Fox Way weren't her family—they were where her roots were buried, and nothing could diminish that. It was just that there was something newly powerful about this assembled family in this car. They were all growing up and into each other like trees striving for the sun.

The Raven King
Thank you—for last night, was all it had said. No pen to write a response.
But I'd hunted down one anyway, and had written back, What do the tattooed stars and mountain on your knees mean?
The paper had vanished a heartbeat later. When it hadn't returned, I'd dressed and gone to breakfast. I was halfway through my eggs and toast when the paper appeared beside my plate, neatly folded. That I will bow before no one and nothing but my crown.

A Court of Mist and Fury
It was a sort of love few other people could understand. It was total and it was overwhelming and it could be cruel. He would destroy a whole city if he thought that city posed some threat to his family.

Lady Midnight

Finally, I saved the best part about May for last—I got to meet my soul sister Braine from Talk Supe in person!

We've been in the same city three different times in the past two years, and the third time was the charm for meeting up, at last. Braine, you are one lovely sweetheart of a lady; thank you for taking time out of your vacation to make this happen! We'll have to get together again one day! ♥

Melissa came along as my human GPS because she was much more familiar with the layout of the new parking garages at Downtown Disney/Disney Springs, whatever it's called now. I hadn't been there since most of the new construction was completed, and without her, I'd still be driving around looking for where I'm supposed to park. XD

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  1. Awww YAY for meeting awesome blogger friends ♥

    You basically killed me with those quotes^^ TRK and ACOMAF were too much. I don't think I'll ever recover from May...I'm totally like you, after a wicked good book, I tend to not want to read another eagerly anticipated one, in case the first one overshadows the second! THAT's why I waited like a week before going from TRK to ACOMAF - even though I KNEW SJM wouldn't let me down.

    I'm really happy that you had such an excellent reading month - here's to many more ahead. We both know September should be a gooder with EoS XD Happy June! xxxx

    1. May truly was an incredible month! And now you've just finished AGoS! Can't wait to read your review! :D

      I STILL find myself rereading my favorite quotes from TRK and ACoMaF. I can't let go!

      Can you imagine how hungover we'd be if EoS had also been a May release? XD

  2. Hey sister soul sister soul sister!

    ACOMAF!!! I'm so happy the book isn't strictly YA, the mating thing added a whole new layer of feels to the whole thing. So brilliant the twist!

    1. Hey hey, soul sister! ♥

      ACoMaF is definitely NOT YA, lol! It was hotter than the temps have been here all week, and that's really damn hot (heat index of 108!)!

  3. Oh how fun! I've never gotten to meet a blogger friend in person!! That would be such a blast. May looks like an epic book month! I still haven't read any of the three you left quotes for though I fully intend to read all of them.

    1. I usually only do one favorite quote of the month, but I HAD to pick one from each book- they were all so quotable!

  4. Exciting!! It sounds like you guys had a great month! Book wise and life wise =D! I'm glad you had such a great reading month! I just finished ACOMAF and I don't know what to do, the book hangover is real!

    I'm the same way, if I read a book that I am either highly anticipating or is just really freakin good I want to wait a while before I read another book like that. It's like my mind needs time to process. So I totally understand what you mean. But I'm so glad it worked out with you! Lady Midnight sounds fantastic and ACOMAF is just.... amazing!!! Is it may 2017 yet?? I need to know what happens!! Gah!!!

    1. The ACoMaF book hangover is indeed real, lol! Maybe we'll be recovered by the time book 3 is released? XD


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