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Discussing Game of Thrones: Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken.”

A Girl Is Never Done Cleaning

It's time to check in on the House of Black and White, and Arya is cleaning another dead body. After she's finished with her task, she spies an open door but the Waif slams it. The Waif demonstrates the level of lying aptitude that it apparently takes to succeed at the Game of Faces. Later, Jaqen wakes up Arya and peppers her with questions. Every time she answers, he accuses her of lying and strikes her with a stick. Don't sign me up for a round of the Game of Faces, thank you.

I'm Not Your Traveling Companion

It's time to check in on Tyrion and Jorah. Tyrion tells Mormont that he killed Tywin and reminisces about meeting Jorah's father, Jeor, when he visited the Wall. From the expression on Jorah's face, Tyrion realizes that Jorah didn't know that his father was dead—oops. Jorah asks how it happened, and Tyrion has to tell him that the Old Bear's own men turned on him.

Putting the "Face" in Faceless Men

Arya is scrubbing the floor again when a man comes in carrying his sick daughter. The man begs Arya to end his daughter's suffering, and Arya tells the girl a string of lies before urging her to drink the deadly water. Meanwhile, Jaqen is taking in the entire scene. Arya finally passes her test, and Jaqen takes her through the forbidden door and down into a huge chamber filled with . . . faces! Faces everywhere! I swear, I thought that the face Arya touched would open its eyes or do something creepy, and my heart and bladder were very grateful that it didn't. Jaqen says that Arya isn't ready to become no one, but she's ready to be someone.

The Hard Road to Meereen

Tyrion is in the middle of asking Jorah why Daenerys, who's grown up an exile from Westeros, is fit to rule it when they suddenly find themselves surrounded by slavers. Tyrion is deemed worthless and is to be killed but manages to use his wits to garner a reprieve. He and Jorah learn from their captors that Daenerys has reopened the fighting pits in Meereen, and Tyrion volunteers Mormont to fight. The slavers are skeptical, but Mormont bolsters his own cause by declaring that he once killed a Dothraki bloodrider.

Littlefinger Lives to Serve (His Own Interests)

Littlefinger arrives back in King's Landing per Cersei's summons and is greeted by Lancel, who informs him of all the work that the Sparrows have done in his absence. Lancel also warns him about his, ahem, business dealings. Littlefinger sits down with Cersei, and they discuss Loras's imprisonment. Baelish questions the wisdom in pissing off House Tyrell (Remember who helped turn back Stannis and his army at the Battle of the Blackwater? Oh, that's right—House Tyrell.) Littlefinger reveals that Sansa has returned home to Winterfell and will marry Ramsay. Cersei is incensed at this news and vows to flay Roose Bolton & Ramsay. Littlefinger advises letting Roose and Stannis fight it out and then attacking the victor. He further offers the service of the Knights of the Vale to send North. If his plan succeeds, he wants to be named Warden of the North.

For F**k's Sake

It's off to the Water Gardens in Dorne, where Trystane Martell is telling Myrcella that he wants to push up their wedding as Trystane's father, Doran, and Areo Hotah, the captain of the guards, observe them. I thought Trystane and Myrcella were really sweet together. But, as this is GoT, no one must be happy! Riding for the Water Gardens are Jaime and Bronn, disguised in the clothes of the Dornishmen they killed. If the sellsword gig doesn't work out, Bronn could always sing professionally! Meanwhile, Ellaria is about to set the Sand Snakes loose to grab Myrcella. Jaime and Bronn find Myrcella with Trystane, who spots the blood on Bronn's clothes. The young prince draws his sword, and Bronn knocks him out. And then the Sand Snakes attack! There are a few minute of highly choreographed fighting before Areo Hotah breaks up the melee and Jaime, Bronn, and the Sand Snakes are all forced to drop their weapons. Ellaria gets arrested as well.

Put the Pen Down, Dear

Lady Olenna is back! She tells Margaery to let her handle Cersei, and the ensuing showdown between the Queen Mother and the Queen of Thorns is tense. Cersei pointedly continues writing as Lady Olenna speaks, thus prompting the latter to tell her to drop the pretense. Cersei says that she can't do anything about Loras's situation as Queen Mother. Olenna threatens to cut the ties between their houses, but Cersei resorts to the old, "But I didn't imprison Loras" excuse. Olenna gets dismissed without getting anywhere.

Cersei 2, House Tyrell 0

The High Sparrow questions Loras about the rumors surrounding him and Renly, which Loras vehemently denies. Margaery is questioned as well, and she swears that her brother is innocent. Then Olyvar is called in to give testimony, and it's all over for Loras. Olyvar also says that Margaery walked in on them and wasn't surprised. Cersei feigns indignation at Olyvar's accusations, and Loras lunges at him before being restrained. Both Loras and Margaery are to go on trial. The look Cersei gives Lady Olenna at the end of the scene is appallingly smug.

. . .

It's Sansa's wedding day, and Myranda shows up to draw her bath. Myranda washes out the hair dye and talks about what happened to some of the women who bored Ramsay. Sansa tells Myranda that she can't frighten her. Oh, Sansa. Myranda is a crazy, jealous bitch, but she's not lying about what a monster Ramsay is. Theon arrives to escort Sansa to the godswood. He begs her to take his arm or Ramsay will punish him, but she says she doesn't care. During the ceremony, Theon says his own name! And then it's all horror from that point on as Ramsay replaces Joffrey as the most despised character on GoT.

In the Next Episode

Jon rides off with Tormund for Hardhome. Stannis heads towards a showdown with the Boltons. Incarceration doesn't appear to be agreeing with Margaery.


  1. I'm with you, they can keep that Game of Faces game. I'll stick to Uno and Pitty Pat with my nephew. I wonder and hope all at the same time that we get to see Cat of the Canals! I loved that part of Arya's journey and it would be a shame if they bypass it.

    OMG, was that slaver Brown Benn Plumm? I always forget the guys name but I've loved him ever since he was in the HBO series Oz. I love that they picked him to play Brown Benn, if that is indeed him! Sidenote: I hated that Jorah had to find out about his Pops' death the way he did.

    Littlefinger....I want to stab him repeatedly in his balls. And someone should cut out his tongue so he can cause no more mischief.

    I think I was wholly disappointed in that whole scene with Jamie, Bronn, and the Sandsnakes. As that is NOT how it all went down in the book. And I guess Doran just doesn't have a daughter of his own in the series. That whole bit was a mess.

    I LIVED for the Queen of Thorns coming back. Although it seems Cersei has outmaneuvered her, for now, she gives no damns and will tell Cersei exactly how she feels. She throws that old school shade and I am here for it all day long! I cannot wait til she shows Cersei up.

    And Sansa is silly to even let that girl in her room after the stunt she pulled last week. But I'm glad she is getting a backbone and standing up to those who would seek to frighten her. But the ending up the show kind of broke my heart. I was sickened by it. Just ugh. I really hope someone comes to GENUINELY help her soon.

    So many changes and surprises now, I just don't know what to expect anymore!

    PS: I really enjoy discussing the episodes with you too! Hope all is well!

    1. With Arya passing her little test, I think there's a good chance we'll get to see her as Cat before the end of the season. I'll be bummed if we don't because we've seen quite a bit of the House of Black and White, but with the way everything's going this season, you never know, lol.

      I felt so bad for Jorah when he realized that his father was gone, especially since they never got to reconcile.

      I also thought the scene with Jaime, Bronn, and the Sand Snakes was a letdown. Part of my brain still can't get past thinking that Jaime and Bronn shouldn't be in Dorne in the first place, lol. But that fight just seemed too orchestrated, and overall, I'm not feeling like the Sand Snakes are coming across as badass as they are in the books. Arianne Martell played a pretty big role in the novels, and I'm rather surprised that the show has left her out, at least so far.

      I thought Sansa was unwise to even go into the kennels when Myranda led her there, since she at least seemed to pick up on the vibe that Myranda was bad news. If Brienne ends up being the one to rescue Sansa, I hope she runs Ramsay through with Oathkeeper. Ditto for Roose.


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