Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Discussing Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “The Lion and the Rose.”

Wedding bells rang again this week on GoT, and like the last wedding, this one wasn't short on a crap mountain of crazy going down. So, if you have not yet viewed this episode and do not want to spoil all of the twists, turns, Tywins, and Tyrions for yourself, it's still not too late to quit reading this post!

Aaaand Ramsay Picks Up Right Where He Left Off

Torturing someone, of course. He's on another one of his "hunts," with a very broken Theon presumably forced to tag along. What else is there to say about Ramsay except that he's a psycho sicko to the nth degree?

Brotherly Bonding

Tyrion and Jaime have a nice little sit down. Was it really way back in Season 1 during the visit at Winterfell that they last shared a scene? Jaime is bummed about being unable to wield a sword with his left hand the way he did with his right, so Tyrion gets Bronn to spar with Jaime.

Family Reunion at The Dreadfort

That warm and loving family, the Boltons, reunite at The Dreadfort to spend some quality time together. Even Locke, the wacko who cut off Jaime's hand, joins in on the fun. Daddy Roose isn't too happy with Ramsay for the whole torturing Theon thing because the latter is actually a valuable hostage. Ramsay makes Theon reveal that Bran and Rickon are alive; Roose sends Locke (who apparently knows nothing about Jon Snow) after them, while Ramsay is assigned to take Moat Cailin.

A Spidery Warning

Varys warns Tyrion that Cersei knows about Shae, and it's only a matter of time before Lord Tywin finds out and makes good on a previous threat.

I Slash Your Gift with My Sword!

It's our first glimpse of the Lord Oaf of Highgarden, um I mean Mace Tyrell, father of Margaery. We are also forced to witness the tragic destruction of a book courtesy of Joffrey, of course, who takes his sword to Tyrion's gift. That kind of treatment of a book is just not acceptable.

Goodbye, Shae

Tyrion literally ships Shae off to Pentos, claiming that he's a married man now and needs to uphold his vows. Shae doesn't believe him, so Tyrion has to say some mean stuff to get her to leave (for her own good).

For the Night Is Dark and Full of Terrors (Like Melisandre)

We visit Dragonstone for the first time this season, and we're treated to Melisandre burning Stannis's brother-in-law. Stannis's wife, Selyse, is still cuckoo and complaining that their daughter, Shireen, is too stubborn during an awkward dinner that includes Melisandre. To Stannis's credit, he forbids Selyse from raising a hand to Shireen. So Selyse sics Melisandre on the poor kid.

Take Me to the Tree, Hodor

It's Hodor! And Bran! And Meera! And Jojen! Bran sees an odd tree, and when he touches it, he hears a voice that tells him to go north. They don't exactly have a compass for the journey they've been on, so why not head north?

It's Another Wedding!

Ah, the event we've all been waiting for: Joffrey and Margaery finally tie the knot. There's so much going on here; I was transfixed to the TV screen the entire time. Let's break the big day down, shall we?

Keep an Eye on Olenna

Lady Olenna's conversation with Sansa is verrrrry significant. I hope you were watching closely. ;)

What Husband Doesn't Want to Be Murdered in His Sleep?

Jaime warns Loras that Cersei will murder him in his sleep if Loras marries her, which he's never going to do anyway. Loras retorts with a pretty good comeback about how Jaime will never marry her, either. Ouch.

Say It, Brienne! SAY IT!

After congratulating the happy couple, Brienne has the unpleasant experience of having to talk to Cersei. She thanks Brienne for saving her brother, and when Brienne mentions that Jaime saved her, that doesn't sit well with Cersei. At all. Cersei point blank asks Brienne if she loves Jaime, and Brienne's non-response is more telling than any words she could have said there. Cersei then goes off to terrorize Pycelle.

When Tywin & Cersei Met Oberyn & Ellaria

So much witty dialogue in this scene! Oberyn refers to Cersei as the former Queen Regent and reminds her that her daughter, Myrcella, is in Dorne. Cersei is not amused.

The War of the Five Kings, According to Joffrey

And so it begins—the end of a most repugnant character. We've had to endure this smug, arrogant, demented, vile monster for three seasons, and finally. JOFFREY. IS. DEAD! But not before going out of his way to humiliate Tyrion and make everyone at his wedding experience new levels of social discomfort. Way to go, bro.

In the Next Episode

Poor Tyrion is accused of regicide. Jon tries to rally the Knight's Watch against the Wildlings' impending attack. Meereen is about to meet Daenerys!


  1. Since I have not read the books, the ending of this episode had me going "I did not see that one coming.", I was so shocked! But I loved it. That was a pretty horrific poisoning haha. I'm so dying to see the next episode!

    1. I can't wait to see the aftermath of last week's episode, either! It was the moment I think just about everyone was waiting for, and the show totally delivered on it!


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