Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Discussing Game of Thrones: Breaker of Chains

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Breaker of Chains.”

I thought this was a rather chatty episode and light on the action, especially compared to the craziness that went down in last week's episode, "The Lion and the Rose." Oh well, you can't have regicide every week, so I suppose a little quiet after the storm wasn't all that unexpected.

Run Sansa, Run!

We pick up with Joffrey's awesome death scene, and amidst all the chaos, Cersei is quick to notice Sansa is missing. Tywin orders the city gates barred, but Dontos is already whisking Sansa away to a really creepy looking ship. Guess who's waiting on the ship? Creepy Littlefinger! Lord Baelish promptly kills Dontos, much to Sansa's horror. You're totally not safe with Littlefinger, Sansa.

Am I the Queen?

Margaery and Lady Olenna are talking over everything that's happened. Margaery wonders if she's cursed, because, you know, she's been married to two kings and both have ended up dead. Hmm.

It's King Tommen Time!

Cersei and Tommen are in the sept mourning Joffrey when Lord Tywin strolls in. He questions Tommen about the qualities that make a good king. Some talking later, the two are exiting when Jaime arrives. Jaime and Tommen have a nice little moment before Jaime orders everyone else out of the sept. He and Cersei are alone, and she demands that he kill Tyrion. Ummmmm . . . no comment on the rest of this scene.

On This Week's Adventures of Arya & The Hound

I was still rather traumatized by the previous scene and missed a bit of what went on here. My brain tuned back in to see The Hound rob this nice man who gave him and Arya a place to eat and sleep for the night. The Hound's reasoning is that the man and his daughter were going to die anyway, so why not steal his silver now and be done.

How's It Going, Gilly?

Sam worries about Gilly being the only woman among the Night's Watch. Those two kids are so sweet together.

I Got Nothing

Stannis bemoans the fact that Joffrey is dead, but he has no army to seize this opportunity to take the throne. Guess who gets blamed for that? Davos. Guess who's then late for his reading lesson with Shireen? But Davos gets an awesome burst of inspiration that might help Stannis.

Mole's Town: Not a Very Nice Place

Sam takes Gilly there for her own protection, but she's not too happy, and looking at that place, you can't blame her. Sam feels bad, but he doesn't think she's safe at Castle Black, and he can't run away with her because he doesn't want to break his vows to the Night's Watch.


Tywin walks in on Oberyn, Ellaria, and their . . . entourage. Tywin is suspicious because Joffrey was poisoned, and Oberyn has studied—guess what? Poisons! Tywin wants to know what Oberyn and Tyrion discussed and offers a meeting with The Mountain if Oberyn will serve as a judge at Tyrion's trial.

Tyrion in Prison

Pod visits Tyrion in his cell, and, being the good, loyal lad that he is, smuggles food and a few other things in. Tyrion is to stand trial in a fortnight, and Pod asks if there are any witnesses he would like to call in his defense. When Tyrion requests Sansa, Pod informs him that she's disappeared. Tyrion asks to see Jaime and orders Pod to leave King's Landing before something bad happens to him because of his association with Tyrion.

The Wildlings Inch Closer

The Night's Watch debates how to defend the Wall against the impending Wildling attack. Grenn and Dolorous Edd (I LOVE that guy!) return with the news of what happened at Craster's Keep. Jon admits that he told the Wildlings there were 1,000 men defending the Wall, but the truth is, the Night's Watch is seriously outnumbered.

Greetings from Meereen

Daenerys and crew finally reach the city, and they're not welcomed warmly. Someone has to kick the ass of the rude guy who meets them at the gate, and guess who gets the job? Daario! And the fight's over in like two blinks. Daenerys gives a very nice speech then orders the Unsullied to launch the catapults, which contain broken slave collars, hence the title of this week's episode!

In the Next Episode

Cersei won't rest until someone pays for Joffrey's death; Alliser Thorne won't rest until he torments Jon; looks like there's going to be lots of unrest in Meereen!


  1. You make this series sound really interesting. I seriously need to start watching it or read the books.

    1. You should do both! :D Reading the books and watching the series are both SO worthwhile!

  2. Goodness, Jamie & Cersei by Jeoffrey's death table or whatever they call that is so morbid! LOL

    1. That was a most disturbing scene, even more so because it deviated from the way it happened in the books. I still can't figure out why the writers altered it.

  3. I agree, this episode felt more like a filler ep, or a lead up to other events maybe? Especially after the craziness of last weeks episode.

    Baha the rest of the scene with Jamie and Cersei was just like 'Ahh this is awkward and wrong and is that rape? o_o".

    The end of this ep was bad ass. Man I love Daenerys! I actually really like the new Daario, he has a charm about him and comes across as very suave. Plus the chemistry between him and Daenrys is pretty thick. The other actor was all arrogance and tried to use his good looks to portray the connection Daario and Daenerys have, which I realise now didn't work and looks like cardboard next to the new actor that plays him. In my opinion anyway, still the old actor was pretty sex to stare at. The new actor has you swooning though.

    1. Jaime's character took a crushing hit there, not that he had reformed into a knight in shining armor or anything, but he'd certainly become more gray. Now he probably comes across as bad, if not worse, than he did when he pushed Bran out the window, and the way that scene with Cersei played out was not how it did in A Storm of Swords. I know I sound like his lawyer or something, lol, but I was really upset with the writers' decision to make him look so . . . I don't even know what word I'm looking for.

      I was kind of laughing at how all of the guys in Daenerys's posse volunteered one by one to be her champion, and she found a reason why each of them couldn't risk his life. Until she got to Daario, lol.

  4. Yeahh, everyone is up in arms about how that scene came across on screen. I have heard it didn't play out like that in the books and there's a lot of anguish over the directors/writers decision to have it come across as that. I can understand! It was surprising and I was confused when I saw it.

    Haha yes!

    1. With all of the uproar that this scene generated, I'm especially eager to see this week's episode. Watch it be a week where neither Jaime nor Cersei is in the ep, lol.


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