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Discussing Game of Thrones: The Prince of Winterfell

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “The Prince of Winterfell.”

Big Sister Is Not Impressed

Yara, fresh from her victory at Deepwood Motte, rides into Winterfell and tells Theon that he was stupid for killing the Stark boys. The Northerners will seek revenge for what he's done. She's there to bring him home to the Iron Islands.

Another Lord

Ygritte takes Jon to the Lord of Bones, Rattleshirt, who already holds the Halfhand as a prisoner. Rattleshirt doesn't want Jon, but Ygritte says Mance should be the one deciding whether or not he wants Ned Stark's bastard. The Halfhand tells Jon not to make the other rangers' deaths in vain.

When You Have to Arrest Your Mom

Robb learns of Jaime's escape. The King in the North has the unenviable task of confronting his mother and says that she's betrayed him. Rickard Karstark is livid over being denied vengeance for his sons. Robb orders his mother to be put under guard.

Jaime and Brienne's Travels Begin!

Brienne is in charge of delivering Jaime to King's Landing in exchange for the Stark girls, and the Kingslayer is not making the mission an easy one for her. He throws every taunt he can think of at her and challenges her to a sword fight.

Arya's Missed Opportunity

At Harrenhal, the Lannisters are discussing Stannis's forthcoming attack. Ser Kevan thinks that Cersei and Joffrey should flee, but Tywin says that the King will fight. He doesn't like how close Robb is to Casterly Rock and decides to march that night. The Mountain is to remain at Harrenhal and stamp out the Brotherhood. Arya is to stay, too. She desperately searches for Jaqen H'ghar to collect the last debt (i.e. kill) he owes her, but Tywin is already leaving.

We're Not Really Not Ready

Bronn, ever the classy guy, is cleaning his nails with his dagger, much to Tyrion's annoyance. Even though he's Commander of the City Watch, Bronn doesn't want to don a Gold Cloak, either. Varys joins their little chat, and all three conclude that basically they're not prepared for Stannis to come knocking on the Mud Gate. Tyrion predicts Stannis will attack the Mud Gate. They're really not prepared.

A Valuable Discovery

Sam, Grenn, and Dolorous Edd are digging a snow toilet as Sam wonders where Jon is. Edd, ever the optimist and putting the "dolorous" in Dolorous Edd, says that he's probably dead. While at their task, the trio finds a Night's Watch cloak with dragonglass in it.

A Man Cannot Assassinate Himself

Arya finally finds Jaqen and asks him to kill Tywin. Jaqen says he can't, so Arya names Jaqen. The Faceless Man is not amused and asks her to unname him. She agrees as long as he helps her, Gendry, and Hot Pie escape Harrenhal.

Cersei Thinks She's One-Upped Tyrion

Cersei and Tyrion argue about Joffrey fighting in the battle. She reveals that she's gotten hold of the woman whom Tyrion has brought to King's Landing and threatens to hurt her if Joffrey gets hurt. Tyrion automatically assumes Cersei is referring to Shae and asks to see her, but it's not Shae who's brought in—it's Ros. Still, Tyrion swears to hurt Cersei for what she's done. He runs up to his chamber, and Shae is there, safe.

Robb Breaks His Word

Robb wants Roose Bolton to send word to his bastard that any Ironborn who surrender can be sent home. Except Theon. Later that night, sad Robb gets some TLC from Talisa, effectively quashing his Frey betrothal.

Jaqen Was Here!

Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are headed for the Harrenhal exit, but there are still guards at the gate. Arya tells the other two that Jaqen said to just walk through, and as she approaches the guards, she realizes that they are, indeed, dead.

There's Going to be a New Hand in Town

Stannis and Davos are at sea and well on their way to King's Landing. Stannis is still bitter that he defended Storm's End during Robert's Rebellion and Robert later gave it to Renly. Davos will be rewarded for his service to Stannis by being his Hand of the King.

Joffrey Doesn't Take Stannis Seriously Either

Joffrey is certain he can kill Stannis in battle and doesn't give a crap that his uncle (well, a man he believes is his uncle) is days away from landing on the shores of the capital. Once the King stomps off, Varys tells Tyrion that Daenerys is alive and has dragons.

Gotta Rescue the Children

Daenerys wants Jorah to take her to the House of the Undying. Her dragons are her children, and the only children she thinks she'll ever have, and she has to get them back.

A Happy Surprise, For Once

Luwin finds out that everyone is alive and hidden in the Winterfell crypt. Osha asks who the two boys were whom Theon killed, and Luwin tells her they must have been the farmer's boys. He says that Bran and Rickon, who appear to be sleeping, must never know or Bran will blame himself. Bran, however, is awake and overhears them.


  1. This is the episode where Robb essentially sets up his own death. Damn that Talesia and damn Robb for not controlling his hormones! I still hate that he is gone and in the manner of which he went. Makes me want to stab a knife right into Frey's old gouty knees and finish it off in his neck!

    And I love the brilliance of Bran and the rest doubling back and hiding out in the crypts. George had me going for a brief little bit. But I'm glad they are ok.

    1. I was simultaneously sad and furious when it appeared that Bran and Rickon had died. I really, really, really hated Theon in that moment. BUT- that hatred was nothing compared to the one I feel for Walder Frey! Robb paid the ultimate price for following his heart. :(


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