Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Discussing Game of Thrones: The Old Gods and the New

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “The Old Gods and the New.”


Maester Luwin frantically tries to send a raven for help as the Ironborn seize Winterfell. Bran is surprised to find that Theon is leading the charge. Theon tells him that they're going to the courtyard in front of everyone and Bran is going to yield Winterfell. Bran does so to keep any harm from coming to anyone. Ser Rodrik is captured and brought before Theon and spits in his face. Theon is going to lock him up for the insolence, but Dagmer Cleftjaw tells him that Ser Rodrik must be killed or the Ironborn will never respect him. Luwin says Ser Rodrik will be worth more alive as a hostage, but Theon beheads him, and not cleanly, either.

Arya's Close Call

At Harrenhal, Tywin is chewing out Amory Lorch for his lack of reading skills in sending a message to the wrong recipient that could have divulged important information to the wrong party. Littlefinger arrives, and Arya has to do her best to hide her face. He updates Tywin on everything that transpired in Renly's camp, including Margaery's desire to be queen. Littlefinger suggests they make an alliance with House Tyrell at least until they defeat Stannis. Arya spills some wine and nearly gets recognized by Baelish.

Surprise, Jon!

The Night's Watch finds a group of Wildlings and a fight breaks out. The one Jon grabs turns out to be a woman—Ygritte. The Halfhand questions her, but she's not too forthcoming with information. He's about to kill her, but Jon says he'll do it. But he doesn't, now does he?

And Now I've Struck a King

Princess Myrcella is sailing for Dorne as her family looks on. Cersei vows to make Tyrion pay for sending her daughter away. Joffrey is walking through the streets on the way back to the castle, and at first he's taunted, then hit in the head with some crap (kudos to the hurler!) Things turn ugly fast and soon a full scale riot erupts. Sansa gets lost in the mayhem, and Tyrion is the only one worried about her. His fear is completely justified, and the Hound shows up just in time to rescue her from her assailants.


In Qarth, Daenerys asks the Spice King for ships to sail to Westeros. He shuts her down, which is probably not wise to do to the Mother of Dragons.

Arya Names Another Name

Arya swipes a message that's on Lord Tywin's table. She reads it outside where nobody sees her, but as she's walking, she runs smack into Amory Lorch. He spots the message in her hand and grabs it. Arya is busted big time and rushes to find Jaqen H'ghar, who takes care of Lorch just before he can blab to Tywin.

What Vow, Now?

Robb can't stay away from Talisa, and of course his mother arrives at the camp just in time to catch the two of them together. She gently reminds him that he's been promised to a Frey. Robb's complicated love life is about to be forgotten for the moment because Roose Bolton has the news from Winterfell.

Jon & Ygritte Get Cozy

There's still no sight of the Halfhand and the others, so Jon and Ygritte have to camp out together. Jon refuses to light a fire because it'll attract the attention of the Wildlings.

Roose Bolton Is One to Talk About Treason

Catelyn tells Robb she told him not to trust Theon. Robb wants to go to Winterfell himself, but Bolton says that's impossible because Robb is in the middle of a war. Bolton volunteers to send his bastard to retake Winterfell instead.

A Narrow Escape

After "distracting" Theon, Osha, Bran, Rickon, Hodor, and the direwolves sneak out.


Daenerys is horrified to find most of her Dothraki, including her handmaiden Irri, dead, but even more horrified to find her dragons missing! The final scene of the episode shows a hooded figure carrying them off.


  1. YES to Joff getting smacked with a poo pie and YES to Tyrion following that up with a couple of well placed smacks! God he's insufferable!

    And why Arya never gave Jaquen Tywin's name I'll never understand. A lot of terrible things could have been prevented probably of she had just given him that name. But I guess it wouldn't be GOT if she did. George doesn't make anything easy.

    1. Definitely not! But it would have made a lot more sense for her to name Tywin or even Cersei. I guess GRRM had a different end in mind for Tywin, lol.


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