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Discussing Game of Thrones: The Pointy End

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “The Pointy End.”

The First Sword of Braavos Does Not Run

Arya is practicing with Syrio as all of the Stark household staff and guards are killed. Sansa is with Septa Mordane and the latter, sensing imminent danger, makes Sansa run. Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard comes for Arya. She doesn't want to leave Syrio, but the Braavosi, armed only with a freaking wooden sword, cuts down all of Trant's men. Syrio urges Arya to go and she reluctantly does, leaving her dancing teacher to face Trant alone. Sansa's flight is much less successful, as she runs straight into the Hound. Outside, Arya sees the family possessions strewn about and frantically looks for Needle. A stable boy spots her and is going to turn her in to the Queen for money. The boy gets too close and gets run through with Needle.

Ned Can't Catch a Break. At All.

Varys pays a secret visit to Ned in the dungeons, and Ned asks about the girls. Arya has escaped but Cersei has Sansa. Varys asks Ned why he told the Queen he knew the truth about her children. Ned thought he was showing her mercy; Varys says it was his mercy that got Robert killed, and the Starks no longer even have a bargaining chip because Catelyn has lost Tyrion as a prisoner.

We Need Fire and Lots of It

The bodies of two dead rangers are brought back to the Wall; Benjen isn't among them. Sam notes that the bodies don't smell, which is odd. Jon suggests they be burned. A raven from King's Landing arrives with news of Robert's death and Ned's arrest for treason. Mormont breaks the news to Jon and warns him not to do anything stupid.

Sansa Gets Manipulated

Cersei and the Small Council bully Sansa. The Queen wants her to write to Robb and tell him to come to King's Landing and swear fealty to Joffrey. Or else.

Call the Banners

Robb receives said letter at Winterfell. Luwin tells Robb that Sansa may have written it, but the words belong to the Queen. Robb orders the banners to be called; if he's going to King's Landing, it's going to be with an army at his back. Theon asks him if he's afraid, and Robb reveals a shaking hand. Theon says it's a good sign because it means Robb's not stupid.

Sisterhood Only Goes So Far

Catelyn has received the news of Ned's arrest at the Eyrie. Not only did Lysa take her sweet time about getting the message relayed to Catelyn, but Lady Arryn refuses to send any of the men of the Vale to help because that would leave her son unprotected.

It's Shagga, Son of Dolf

Tyrion and Bronn are on their way back south, and Bronn reminds him that he's not Tyrion's friend. During a break from their travels, they're surrounded by one of the mountain clans—the Stone Crows, led by Shagga, son of Dolf. Tyrion, son of Tywin, promises to arm them handsomely if they let him go and give him their allegiance.

Jon Does Something Stupid and Something Smart

Thorne can't help needling Jon about Ned's arrest. Jon rises to the goading and has to be restrained by his friends. Mormont walks in on the scene and confines Jon to quarters. Later, Ghost senses something wrong and leads Jon to Mormont's quarters. Othor has risen as a White Walker! Jon's weapons do absolutely nothing against him. Mormont shows up to investigate and Jon, thinking fast, grabs the Lord Commander's lantern and throws it on Othor.

Mago Will Never Be Tongue-Tied Again

The Dothraki are pillaging a village and will sell their captives into slavery. Daenerys doesn't like what she sees at all, but Jorah reminds her that the gold will buy ships to sail to Westeros. Daenerys takes a stand to save a group of women from being raped. A Dothraki named Mago complains to Drogo that he was robbed of his spoils. Daenerys makes her case and Drogo won't hear anymore on the subject. Mago draws his weapon and challenges the khal. Drogo is injured but still kills Mago. Daenerys worries about Drogo's wound, and one of the Lhazareen women volunteers to treat it. The Dothraki distrust Mirri Maz Duur's magic, but Daenerys allows her to tend to Drogo.

Your Meat Is Bloody Tough!

Ah, Lord Umber, AKA the Greatjon. His sonorous voice can probably be heard from Winterfell to King's Landing. He demands to lead the vanguard or he won't go to King's Landing at all. Robb casually tells him he'll just hang him as an oathbreaker when he returns. Grey Wind rips off a few of the Greatjon's fingers, and it all ends in laughter. In the middle of the night, Robb says goodbye to Bran, who asks if he can go with. But, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell. After Robb leaves, Rickon enters Bran's room. Bran tries to assure his little brother that everyone will return, but Rickon says they won't.

Hodor Forgets Something Important

Um . . . like, his clothes? LOL. Otherwise, this a rather serious scene in which Osha tells Bran that the old gods have no power in the south; the weirwood trees have all been cut down. She also warns that all of the armies on the move are heading the wrong way; they should be traveling north instead.

No Pressure or Anything, Robb

Ser Rodrik and Catelyn find Robb's camp. I love the Greatjon; he knows not what an inside voice is and just bellows all the time. He clears everyone out of the tent so Robb and Catelyn can speak privately. Robb shows his mother Sansa's letter; Catelyn knows it's Cersei's handiwork, too. Catelyn worries that there's no mention of Arya and tells Robb that if he loses against Tywin, everyone is dead.

All That Lannister Crimson

Next we see the Lannister camp, which is mighty big. Tyrion walks in on a discussion between his father and uncle, Ser Kevan Lannister. Tywin isn't necessarily happy to see his son alive and makes it clear that going to war against the Starks was done more to preserve the family's rep than actual concern for Tyrion's welfare. Tyrion introduces his new buddies from the Vale, plus Bronn, and gets an update on everything that's happened, including Robert's death. A messenger announces that the Northmen are on the move. Tywin promises the mountain clans handsome rewards if they back him, and Shagga agrees so long as Tyrion fights alongside them.

Which Way to Go

In Robb's camp, there's a discussion about whom to go after: Jaime at Riverrun or Tywin. A Lannister scout is captured and brought before Robb. Against everyone's advice, Robb lets him go with a message for Tywin. The Greatjon is beside himself with anger over Robb's mercy.

Like Carving a Cake

In a flurry of appointments, Janos Slynt is named Lord of Harrenhal and Tywin is named Hand of the King. Ser Barristan Selmy is fired; Jaime is to take his place as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Ser Barristan does not take his dismissal kindly and throws down his sword. Sansa pleads for her father's life before Joffrey; the little sh*t demands that Ned say he is the king or there will be no mercy for Lord Stark.


  1. I wanted to stand and shout when Robb made the decision to call his banners in. I love that he would not be cowed by the Lannisters, nor let his father and sisters be ran roughshod over.

    And Shagga son of Dolf was hilarious in his constant reminders to Tyrion that if he didn't deliver what he promised he would cut his manhood off and feed it to the goats!

    1. Shagga said the line so often, Tyrion knew it by heart, lol. I was also proud of Robb for gathering an army to rescue his father and sisters. The Lannisters didn't take him seriously for a while because of his youth and inexperience at war- until he started kicking their asses!


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