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Discussing Game of Thrones: A Man Without Honor

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “A Man Without Honor.”

On the Run

Theon wakes up to discover not only Osha gone but the Stark boys and Hodor as well and leads a hunting party to go after them. Osha, Hodor, and the boys pass the farm where the two orphan boys were sent to help. They could probably get food there to add to their meager supply, but Osha is concerned about how much of a lead they've gotten on the hounds that Theon is using to track them.

Lord Tywin Doesn't Like Mutton

Or the Brotherhood Without Banners. Amory Lorch was killed with a wolfsbane dart. Nice touch, Jaqen H'ghar! Tywin orders the Mountain to burn the villages and farms to flush out the rebellious Brotherhood. When Tywin has his head turned, Arya considers putting the knife she's using to cut her meat into his neck, but the moment is lost.

No Thanks Necessary

Sansa thanks the Hound for saving her. He dismisses her gratitude.

A Famous Phrase Is Uttered

Jon is still towing Ygritte along. She reminds him that the Wildling leader, Mance Rayder, was once a crow, just like Jon. And then readers of the books get to hear one of the most famous lines in the series: You know nothing, Jon Snow!


Alton Lannister has returned with Cersei's rejection of Robb's peace terms. Alton is to be put in the same pen with Jaime until a new one can be built; the camp is teeming with prisoners.

The Tell-Tale Walnut Shells

Theon's hunting party reaches the farmhouse that the Winterfell escapees passed through. They're gone, but Dagmer Cleftjaw finds a clue: some of Rickon's walnut shells are scattered about.

Jorah to the Rescue

Jorah has returned from trying to find a ship and feels guilty that he wasn't there when the Dothraki were killed and the dragons were dragon-napped. To make up for it, he's off to search for the dragons.

Maybe Jon Should Have Listened to the Halfhand

Because Ygritte makes a run for it and reappears with Wildling reinforcements. And so Jon's moment of mercy has come back to bite him.

Sansa Has a Most Unpleasant Surprise

She wakes up to find that she is now officially a woman, so she'll be wed to Joffrey any day now. Shae finds her cutting the bloodied sheet and is about to help her flip the mattress when one of Cersei's spies catches them and runs off to tell the Queen. Shae threatens her with a knife and orders her to keep her mouth shut, but when Shae goes back to Sansa's chamber, the Hound is there. AWKWARD.

Jaime's Escape Plan

Now sharing a makeshift prison cell, Jaime tries to place his cousin Alton. Alton volunteers that he once squired for Jaime, and that jogs Jaime's memory. Alton is clearly honored to be in the presence of one of THE Lannisters, and Jaime uses that to sweet talk Alton into helping him escape. Jaime kills him, and when Rickard Karstark's son runs to investigate, Jaime strangles him with his chains.

The Thirteen Are Reduced to Two

Daenerys goes before the Thirteen looking for the dragons. Pyat Pree admits he's placed them in the House of the Undying and he's been working with Xaro Xhoan Daxos. The warlock uses his creepy magic to kill the rest of the Thirteen. Daenerys now has no choice but to go to the House of the Undying if she wants her kiddos back.

Lord Karstark Will Remember This

The Northmen are ready to kill Jaime on the spot for his escape attempt. Catelyn intervenes to stop Lord Karstark from getting revenge for his sons' deaths. Brienne steps in when Karstark gets too aggressive with Catelyn. He says that when Robb returns, he won't be denied a father's justice.

Stannis Is On His Way? Eh.

Stannis will be at King's Landing in 5 days, and Cersei is still unconcerned. Tyrion wants to talk to her about reigning in Joffrey. His sister she says that she can't and maybe this is her punishment for what she's done with Jaime.

Catelyn Is About to Make a Lot of People Unhappy

The tension in Robb's camp over the Kingslayer's fate is about to explode. Brienne observes that Jaime won't survive until Robb returns in the morning, so Catelyn takes drastic action for her daughters' sake.

What Have You Done, Theon?

Theon has assembled the remaining people of Winterfell in the courtyard and shows them the burned corpses of two boys. Maester Luwin has been dragged out to see as well and is devastated.


  1. YES! Whenever someone says something silly to I am always tempted to respond with YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW! I don't think I ever tired of hearing Ygritte utter those words to him.

    And Theon! I never liked Theon, not even in the beginning. But damn if his betrayal of the Starks don't still cut as deep. But the ODD thins is, despite that, in the later books I actually start to feel some sympathy for him. CRAZY! George like to play with my emotions!

    1. I use "You know nothing Jon Snow" A LOT, lol. And I know what you mean about Theon. I hated him so much for what he did, especially when it looked like he had killed Bran and Rickon, but what happens to him later is truly horrible. Just when you think you have a character figured out, GRRM shakes everything up.


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