Saturday, April 23, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6!

* Spoilers ahead if you're not all caught up on GoT.


What I'm not so excited about is heading into Season 6 knowing nothing, à la Jon Snow, about what to expect because there are no new books to read. I had it good for the previous five seasons, being able to compare book to TV series. I liked having some idea of future events, even though the TV show has deviated from the books in some significant ways.

One story line that the show remained faithful to was the Night's Watch literally backstabbing Jon Snow at the end of Season 5! I knew it was going to happen, but OMFG, it still hurt like hell to watch! I hope to the old gods and the new that somehow, Jon Snow and his beautiful hair aren't really gone, but on the other hand, I don't like the idea of, say, Melisandre doing her creepy ass magic to bring him back!

The GoT trailers are always an exercise in paying very, very close attention and absorbing every little detail. The Season 6 trailer below includes:

  • The return of Bran Stark, after not appearing at all in Season 5. (Hodor had better be back, too!)
  • The return of Yara Greyjoy, Theon's sister. It also looks like Theon goes home to the Iron Islands.
  • Jaqen H'ghar is back for another season! He warns a now blind Arya that she won't get another chance.
  • The terrifying Night's King! You know, the icy dude who stared down Jon Snow in "Hardhome?"
  • Jaime looking like he's about to rip the High Sparrow to shreds.
  • Margaery and Loras still being held in the dungeons.
  • Frankegregor! Is Cersei going to use him as a one man revenge squad? I'm thinking that Septa "Shame" Unella would be Cersei's first target. XD
  • Jorah's arm not looking so good. Damn greyscale.
  • Daenerys not exactly being welcomed by the Dothraki khalasar she ran into at the end of last season. But surely Drogon will save his mother!
  • Was that f**king Walder Frey in the trailer?!
  • The show's producers have teased a massive battle this season; perhaps involving Ramsay?

As much as I'd love to post the recaps at the beginning of the week, I really don't have a set day for them to go up because real life is just so hectic. But, recaps will be posted, lol! Looking forward to chatting with fellow GoT fans again this season! :D


  1. I'm new to your recaps but will make sure to check them out. I'm a fan of the books too and am pretty excited for the new season- like you, we're past the books now (or will be very quickly) so I don't know what to expect! I think I'm most excited to see where Bran's story goes (because it will tell us so much) and Jon's. Oh and the Tower of Joy sequence- will be interesting to see how they handle THAT.

    1. Ooh, I'm very interested to see that, too! It feels strange knowing so little about the upcoming season; I also wonder how much of what we're going to see on the show will also be included in future books. At any rate, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the episodes over the next few months! :D

  2. I am not sure about GOT, I seriously love it but it feels wrong watching the show without the actual book under my belt. Plus I will need to avoid spoilers from the US till I see it tomorrow night in the UK. I am looking forward to seeing how the Mother of Dragons copes with the Dothraki.

    1. I hope you got to watch it yesterday- it was a fantastic premiere! It did feel kind of wrong watching completely book-less, though, lol. Hope you enjoy the rest of the season! :D


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