Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 2014 Recap

The blog went a little crazy for Ignite Me, the finale to the Shatter Me series, in February. And that was fine by Melissa and me, as we are obsessive Shatter Me fans. I'm pretty sure I could still crank out a few more Warner-centric posts, but I'll spare you and attempt to move on with my life now that the series is over. It isn't easy, though, let me tell you. We also did manage some posts NOT related to that particular series, as recapped here:

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  1. I need to start my copy of Shatter Me asap so I can come back over and gush with you guys when I get all caught up LOL I am thrilled that the series ended on a high note for you ladies and I wish you a speedy book-hangover recovery ;-) February certainly flew by but here's to an even better March! xx

    1. Ooh, yes- you MUST read Shatter Me and gush with us! We are all about the Shatter Me gushing here, LOL! Hope you're having a great March, too, Micheline! ❤


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