Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The War Over Warner: How Will Ignite Me End?

Well hello there, fellow Shatter Me fans! It's Melissa and Lee here, gearing ourselves up to start reading this little prettiful today:

We looove this series a lot, and we wanted to do something special to mark its end. We considered shooting a vlog, but that involved an amount of work that appealed to no one. Instead, we've decided to write down our thoughts, conversation style, about the series coming to a conclusion. *Sniffle* We've been arguing quite a bit over what we think is going to happen, so this should be fun . . . .

The Melissa: Hello my peeps! After reading Fracture Me, I was rather infuriated to say the least. Don't worry, I have a whole rant to write about that shite! Before that, I had thought Adam and Juliette were meant to be together; now, not so much.

Lee: Gee, Melissa, you sound a little upset . . . .

The Melissa: The Melissa is very upset! WTF, man?! It's obvious that Tahereh Mafi used the novella to make Adam look like a douche tart so Warner can be with Juliette! >:0

Lee: Well, you know I have absolutely no problem with that, mwahaha! By the way, have I ever told you how much I love Warner, Melissa? I love him a lot. He may be just a tad psychotic, but I love him.

The Melissa: I like Warner, too, but it doesn't seem like he was supposed to get Juliette from the beginning! First book, without a doubt, it was Adam. But TM decided she liked Warner better and decided to get rid of Adam!

Lee: I don't think that's true. The conspiracy theorist in me says that TM just wants you to think that Juliette is going to end up with Warner, but ultimately, she'll go with Adam.

The Melissa: The second book and novellas are obviously a segue into Warner becoming Juliette's love interest.

Lee: Hey Melissa—remember Chapter 62 of Unravel Me? Yeah, I just went there. And I really, really don't think you should count Adam out. He's totally going to have an epiphany, realize he loves Juliette, and go after her.

The Melissa: Ewww! You sick bitch! You are unhealthily obsessed with that chapter! Anyway, Adam's brother is and always will be his first priority. That is not going to change. Juliette is Warner's number one and probably always will be. Juliette is broken; she needs someone to be fully devoted to her, and that person is Warner.

Lee: Language, Melissa, language! I would say that your strong reaction to the mere mention of Chapter 62 of Unravel Me means that you're attempting to hide something, i.e. your love of that chapter. Anyway, I actually agree that Warner is wholly devoted to Juliette, but I just have this gut feeling that his love for her is going to him hurt. Maybe literally.

The Melissa: Yup. I agree. With the bit about Warner getting hurt. NOT ABOUT CHAPTER-TOO-ADULT-FOR-THE-MELISSA. However, he will not die and they will be together forever.

Lee: Look, I'm all for Warner getting a lovely, happily ever after ending, but I don't see that happening because he doesn't have that kind of luck. Fracture Me was a setup to get readers to think Juliette didn't necessarily rank first in Adam's heart so that when he inevitably pulls himself together in Ignite Me, everyone will be surprised when he wins her heart back. So there.

The Melissa: You're theory is stupid!

Lee: You used the wrong "your." Who's stupid now?! Let's get back to the topic at hand.

The Melissa: NOOOO!!! In my extreme rage, I made the most horriblest of mistakes. Do you see what your stupidness is doing to me?!

Lee: I'm not the one referring to myself as "The Melissa." What is UP with that?!

The Melissa: The Melissa does not answer to you! But, just to clarify, it just kinda happened. Putting "the" in front of things seems so grand!

Lee: This "conversation" is collapsing quickly. Any final, Ignite Me-related thoughts?

The Melissa: I can't wait to gloat when I turn out to be right!

Lee: You mean you can't wait to sulk when you turn out to be wrong! It's OK. I won't remind you about it too often. Maybe only every 5 seconds.

The Melissa: I guess we'll just have to see. And the winner (me) will have a gloat post.

And just in case you need a refresher on the previous books/novellas in the series, here are their reviews:
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  1. I love this post!!!!! I was laughing so hard in some places, it's such a great post!

    I really hope that Warner isn't hurt or killed in this book, but I feel like it will happen. From the very beginning of this series thought and felt like Warner would sacrifice himself for Juliette, like jump in front of a bullet or something. Although I really hope this doesn't happen, not only because I'm in love with Warner, but also because don't want this Love triangle to be solved because one of them died. I feel like it would be a really cheap way to solve the love triangle.

    Happy Ignite Me release Day!!!!

    1. Thanks, and same to you! I hope you've got your copy! :D I have the same prediction for Warner's fate that you do, that he'll sacrifice himself to save Juliette. I really, really, really hope that's not what's going to happen, either, because I love him, too, and it would be too easy of an out for the resolution of the love triangle.

  2. Sooo... I haven't read this series so I can't relate but I love the back and forth... The Melissa? ROFL

    1. Your library SERIOUSLY needs to replace that missing copy of Shatter Me! That is such a tragedy, right there. And I don't know what got into (The) Melissa when we wrote this; I'll leave it to her to explain herself, lol.


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