Monday, March 17, 2014

The Melissa's Big Shakespeare Score

Take a look at my prettyful! Please try to control your jealousy. ;)

I got my hands on this totally awesome copy of Macbeth during my spring break. Story time! So, my friends and I took a four day trip to a cute little town with a beautiful river. We spent a day shopping at various thrift stores buying all the prettyfuls we could afford. Anyway, we were rummaging through a bunch of old books when one of my friends stumbled upon this 1903 copy of Macbeth. I practically ripped it out of her hands. Sorry! It's a good thing we all have different favorite Shakespearean plays or there would have been a full-out war! Mwahahaha!

I love the tragedies and my favorites happen to be Hamlet and Macbeth. I love it when people go insane and kill other people! I know, how morbid, but that's what I like. And old stuff. I like old stuff. I was definitely born in the wrong generation. Anyway, this was a big win for The Melissa!


  1. Fantastic find! And I love that you posted about it! I wish I was lucky enough to find such great vintage books in my area!

    1. Thanks! Keep your eyes open, you never know what you might find! It always happen when you least expect it. ;D

  2. I also very much love old things so I can totally get your excitement here! I adore Shakespeare too - especially his tragedies and Hamlet is one of my favorites too :D I've read MacBeth too but it was like for ever ago so I definitely could use a refresher. hehe Anyways, yeah finding old gems like this one are a definite win!! Congrats Melissa!

  3. SCORE! Dude, 1903?! That's major and it looks like it's in good shape. Put it in a shadowbox and mount it

  4. AMAZING! I'm so, so jealous of this!


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