Sunday, September 22, 2013

The White Queen Recap: Love and Death

* Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Episode 6, "Love and Death."

I've griped before about how rushed this series often feels because of the amount of history that is being compressed into a relatively short run of episodes, and this week seemed particularly hurried. The characters really don't have a lot of time for their story arcs to build; one week they're acting one way, the next they're acting another (I'm thinking especially of Anne here). There are only four episodes left, so I can only assume that the whirlwind tour through the last days of the Plantagenet dynasty will continue.

Judgment Day for Anne

Anne goes before Edward and asks for his forgiveness. The king pardons her, much to Elizabeth's extreme displeasure. Anne presses her luck somewhat by inquiring about what will happen to her mother, who is still in sanctuary, but Edward has no intentions of welcoming the Countess back to court. Anne is to live with Isabel and, eww, George, who is appointed by Edward to act as Anne's guardian. Be afraid, Anne. Be very afraid.


Living with her sister and brother-in-law turns out to be almost like living in prison for Anne. She begins to suspect that Richard has brought her to them so George can control her inheritance—if the Countess of Warwick dies and Anne is unmarried, Anne's share of her mother's fortune will go to her skeevy brother-in-law. Unfortunately for Anne, she airs her grievances to Isabel in front of Isabel's ladies, and the sisters end up getting into a nasty fight.

There's Only You, Margaret

Margaret's mother is on her deathbed and asks for her daughter's forgiveness. Margaret launches into some speech on her favorite topic, religion; I kind of tuned her out because all I heard was blah, blah, blah.

I Do Not Approve of This Parenting Plan

Prince Edward is to be sent to Ludlow, in Wales, to begin his path to kingliness. Elizabeth is angry at this idea (Elizabeth gets angry quite often during this episode) and vehemently opposes it.

Trouble with a capital "T"

Beyond awkward: Elizabeth catches Edward with his mistress, Jane Shore. As if that weren't enough for her to deal with, Jacquetta is seriously ill and doesn't have much time left.

Because Nothing Says Drama Like a Secret Meeting at Night

Anne gets rather snotty with Richard, accusing him of not caring about how horrible life with George and Isabel is. He tells her that he's asked his brother about her numerous times, only to be told that she's still grieving. He also advises her to placate George and Isabel until he can talk to Edward about her situation. Because he cares.


Margaret has been hoping to join her son and Jasper Tudor in exile. Jasper, however, informs Margaret via letter that the best thing for her to do is to stay put in England. Obviously, she's disappointed, as evidenced by her dramatically ripping Jasper's letter in half. She then gets the brilliant idea that she should marry into the House of York. Richard, run away now. Far away. Very far away.

Someone's Going to a Nunnery

Anne is horrified that George plans to shut her up in a nunnery and, in desperation, arranges another secret meeting with Richard. She kind of made me laugh with her remark to him about being grown up because 1) she pouts quite a bit in this episode and 2) when Richard asks her to marry him, her initial reaction is, like, you'll have all my money! Sheesh. Just say yes, for heaven's sake!

Ick, It's Thomas Stanley

Knowing what a backstabber this guy is, I don't have much more to say than that.

A Double Tragedy

Edward and Elizabeth's newborn son does not survive, and Elizabeth also suffers the loss of Jacquetta, who's always been such a strong presence by her side.

A Double Wedding

Well, not exactly, but Anne and Richard's marriage is interspersed with scenes of Margaret marrying Thomas (Beard of Awesomeness) Stanley.

Hugging It Out Always Works

Anne is preparing to leave for Warwick Castle, where she and Richard will make their home, when Isabel arrives to see her. The sisters kiss and make up, with Isabel promising to never let Anne down again.

That's Funny, You Both Still Look About the Same

Elizabeth confronts Edward about Jane Shore, and he lamely replies that she knew what she was getting into when she married him. He also comments that they're not young anymore, which was pretty funny since they both look like they've hardly aged.

The Richard Watch

Lots of Richard this week (finally). I felt a little sorry for him, being the target of a good deal of Anne's frustration over being trapped under George's roof, but hey, Richard did get her out of there!


  1. Hey I really like Richard in this episode and thought that it was hypocritical of George to whine to Edward about not getting his permission to marry Anne when he didn't get permission to marry Isabelle. I do like this miniseries a lot.

    1. I thought Richard was great in this episode, too. George was being such a hypocrite; I was kind of hoping that Richard would punch him in the face or something because he really deserved it, lol. And it looks like George goes all-out crazy in next week's episode!

  2. Totally different topic, I'll be tweeting you re: Sleepy Hollow tomorrow night.

    Lovely recap as always. I hope they can make her fat too, make it realistic LOL

    1. I'm going to write myself a note to remember to tune in to Sleepy Hollow- I am so bad about remembering when TV shows are on, lol.


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