Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Toss-Up: A Match of Mythological Proportions

Book Toss-Up is an occasional feature in which two of us each choose a book that we've read and swap the selections to see what the other person thinks of the book recommendation that has been given to her.

The books being tossed up this time around are:
Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Ally Read: Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Lee's Thoughts on This Book: Infinity mixes paranormal with a bit of mythology and lots of humor, thanks primarily to the snarky commentary provided by its teenage protagonist, Nick Gautier. I loved Nick's narration; he just says whatever is on his mind. There were also some really cool characters, such as Nick's zombie-hunting pals, Bubba and Mark, and barbecue-sauce-loving demon Simi.

Why I Wanted Ally to Read This: Like me, Ally's a big fan of sarcastic male characters, so I thought that she'd really appreciate Nick's wit. She also loves anything to do with zombies, and you've got zombies in this book. Ally is a mythology buff, too; I figured that she'd go for the mythological element in Infinity.

Ally Says: My reading parabatai did not fail me! I enjoyed Infinity a great deal, and that was mainly due to the characters. I loved how the whole zombie apocalypse thing was the center of the story. There is something huge going on, and I won't stop reading until I figure every last thing out!

Lee Read: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

Ally's Thoughts on This Book: The Lightning Thief was my first introduction to mythology in a work of fiction, and I absolutely adored it! I was already quite fond of Greek legends and had a little fangirl moment when I learned about Rick Riordan's books. The characters are just amazing, and I love how the old myths are polished to have a more modern theme.

Why I Wanted Lee to Read This: I knew Lee was going to love this book. You kind of just know things when you have cousin telepathy. The book had three factors that would draw Lee in: 1) the NYC setting- we native New Yorkers are very proud people, 2) mythology- which everyone finds fascinating, and 3) the dry sarcasm that erupts from the book like a fountain. Plus, I like gushing about books with people, and I needed my reading parabatai on board.

Lee Says: Once again, Ally's cousin telepathy was spot-on. I couldn't help but squee a little when The Lightning Thief began with Percy going on a class trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I absolutely loved how Mount Olympus was located in the Empire State Building. Percy is an awesome hero, and I can't wait to continue reading about his adventures.


  1. I love mythology, and I still haven't read the 'Lightning Thief' books! I need to fix that, and pronto. 'Infinity' sounds really good, too. I love reading sarcasm in books (it's my native language).

    1. It's our native language, too. :) The books that we love the most tend to have the snarkiest characters in them. The Lightning Thief was awesome! It took me forever to get around to reading it, and now I'm hooked on the series!

  2. This is a wonderful review exercise guys! Glad you two liked both book, I love Nick and Lee, I suggest you read Dark-Hunters on the side. I can't recommend it to your cousins yet because it's PNR and some scenes are not suitable for them. But really, read DH, you'll see how Nick morphs into Ambrose and it's heartbreaking. I hope Acheron can save him in the end.

    1. I've actually read the first DH book- loved it! I've got to get caught up with the series, although I'm kind of dreading reading about Nick turning into Ambrose.


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