Friday, March 11, 2016

The Reading Games: February Excuses Post/March Reading Goals

So we decided to hold a little contest among ourselves to each set a number of books we'd like to read every month. Anyone meeting her target number would receive a sticker on our poster board tracker. Well, here's what the board looks like after updating for February:

That's right. Still no stickers on the board for anyone, plus we're a little late posting this update, lol. And so we all find ourselves writing another excuses post for February.

Ally: Another month, another failed attempt at my reading challenge. It's sad to say that I failed my set goal of reading one book for the month of February. Besides the typical and probably expected excuses of college, work, and other life responsibilities, I am seeing that I have a hard time finding the motivation to read. I'm in a sore spot right now, where reading isn't the escape that it used to be for me. I think a large part of that is because of the time commitment you have to put into reading. If you're reading, you aren't doing anything else—the book has your complete attention. I feel super guilty if I spend my time doing anything that I can't multitask with another project. Life is so stressful and busy right now but reading is something that I loved, so hopefully March will be a better reading month for me.

Lee: Once again, I came very close to making my goal and fell 1 book short—GRRRRRR!!! I went into February still reading a book I'd hoped to finish in January, so that already put me a little behind for February. I'm confident that I'm going to read these 2 books in March AND get my first sticker on the board!

Lee's March Reads:

Shimmer by Paula Weston
Tell the Wind and Fire by Sarah Rees Brennan

Melissa: Well, this is awkward . . . I’m ashamed to admit that I did not complete my monthly challenge for the second time. I really thought I would be able to handle one book, but this month was pretty eventful. On top of my awful homework load and depressing work schedule, I finally bought my first car! Whoop whoop! I named her Lucy (and yes, that is a Beatles reference! XD). This upcoming month, I hope to get around to reading The Girl From The Well because it looks soooooo good! Happy reading! ;D

We'll report back next month with how we did and what we hope to read in April (*ahem* The Raven King *ahem*)!


  1. LUCY THE YELLOW BUG!! + a Beatles reference! I LOVE IT ♥ Congrats on the new car Melissa^^ I'm sorry that you all struggled this month with your reading games goals but honestly, I'm loving this feature so much regardless XD I wish you all nothing but luck in reaching your goals for March!! You WILL get those stickers ladies ;)

    1. Melissa got a Star Wars sun shade for Lucy, which I admit I'm a little envious of, lolol! My car is named Ronan (Ally's idea, of course!) after Mr. Lynch. When she gets her own car, I think she should call it Gansey, since I haven't gotten to name anyone's car yet! XD

  2. Well good luck next month! Love the new car :D I am also glad that you named it. People make fun of me for naming my car. Lucy is such a great fit for that one!

    1. We are definitely into naming our cars, lol. Absolutely nothing wrong with it!


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