Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fandom Mashups (14)

Fandom Mashups is a feature hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews. There's a different scenario each week, and you choose a "dream team" of five characters from five different fandoms whom you think are best suited for the situation.

This week's topic is:
You've encountered a new monster you've never faced before and you need to learn more about it in order to take it down. Who do you want on your research/fighting team? Keep in mind that ideally, these people are both book smart and able to fight.

  1. Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk: Hello—he has a doctorate in physics AND can turn into the Hulk if this situation suddenly requires brawn over brains. XD
  2. Bobby Singer (Supernatural): He's the Dumbledore of Supernatural!
  3. Mad-Eye Moody (Harry Potter): Mad-Eye has gone up against some serious Dark stuff and thoroughly does his homework before going into battle.
  4. Dr. Warthrop (The Monstrumologist): The doctor has lots of experience studying and hunting monsters.
  5. Emma Swan (Once Upon a Time): Emma knows magic, which may come in handy, and she's the Savior!


  1. I LOVE the reasoning for Bruce Banner/Hulk XD excellent choice! YES to Bobby Singer ♥, he's such a pro! Mad-Eye is another brilliant pick, he'd definitely be an asset in this type of situation. Emma Swan is another good one but sadly, I haven't read The Monstrumologist yet - it's on my tbr though!

    1. I haven't read it either, but it's Melissa's favorite series EVER. As soon as she finished the last book, she started the first one all over again, so it must be pretty awesome, lol.

  2. Mad-Eye Moody is a fantastic pick! He would have so much experience doing this exact thing and if this new monster can somehow change its shape, he would be paranoid just enough not to be fooled by it =D.
    Bobby Singer is perfect. This scenario is made for him because it is basically what he does day to day. If one of the hunters don't know what they are up against, they call Bobby because they know he can research it and find out for them.
    I've heard so many good things about the Monstrumologist, but sadly I haven't read it yet :(

    1. I would totally trust Mad-Eye's instincts and know-how in this scenario. He's got tons of experience with walking into very dangerous situations and on top of that, he's a great wizard! :D


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