Sunday, March 15, 2015

Anything Sunday (4): 80's Childhood Treasures

I don't know about anyone else, but I loved growing up in the 80's. OK, so some (all right—most, if not all) of the fashions and hairstyles from that decade haven't held up well over time, but I have so many fond memories from my childhood.

I was doing some organizing around the house last weekend and went through some of the childhood relics I've held on to. (I promise that I'm not a hoarder.) I was curious to see if anybody else remembers things like . . . .

Strawberry Shortcake! I know that she and her friends have been brought back, complete with a modern makeover, in recent years, but these are the original mini figures from the 80's. And they still have a faint scent to them! I did have a few of the bigger dolls and the trolley that was shaped like a berry, but those are long gone.

I know that Lego isn't a strictly 80's thing, but I still have the sets (and the case) that I received as Christmas and birthday gifts when I was a kid. I spent countless hours building with Lego bricks and built a model of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre out of Lego for a high school English project. I very stupidly failed to take a picture of it at the time—d'oh!

I don't have my NES or the games anymore, but I still have The Official Nintendo Player's Guide, lol. I'll never forget how proud I was the day that I completed The Legend of Zelda!

My co-worker and I were just talking about the sticker albums we had as kids. I wasn't into sticker collecting all that much, but I do love how the albums have almost become like scrapbooks because the stickers are very much 80's themed with the likes of Pac-Man and Rainbow Brite!

If you're a fellow 80's child like me, do any of these ring a bell?


  1. EEEP The 80's had THE best toys ever!!! I LOVED seeing pictures of your old toys, it made me wish I'd kept more of mine XD I LOVED Strawberry Shortcake!! ♥ I used to have a pillowcase with the characters on it and it was always my favorite. Legos were definitely a big deal too, I feel like I could still play with those LOL And I adored the original NES...and the Super NES for that matter. And YES STICKERS!! So pretty and colourful! This post made my day^^

    1. I wish I had a Strawberry Shortcake pillowcase- that would have been so cool! I dressed up as her for Halloween when I was about 5 in one of those creepy plastic masks that had a teeny, tiny hole cut out for the mouth so you could breathe, LOL! And I could still play with Legos, too; I'm very much a kid at heart. :D


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