Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Raven Cycle: Why We Love Blue

I think Blue is so awesome! Everything about her is quirky and hilarious. She fits in so miraculously with the Raven Boys that it's really a surprise that she hasn't been there since the very beginning. I looove her sense of humor; I really feel like she gets most of the best lines. She is definitely one of the bravest and most endearing heroines I have read about. I have never found her annoying or whiny, which is extremely surprising and quite a feat. I really look forward to reading about more of her adventures with or without the boys.

First, Blue is one of the coolest character names ever. I think so, at least. I also think the name just suits her.

Blue impressed me from the get-go because she wasn't impressed with the Raven Boys and their wealth and privilege. She immediately established herself as fiercely independent, unafraid to speak her mind, and very, very astute. She's a character whom I'd switch places with in a heartbeat, and not just because she gets to hang out with Gansey, Ronan, Adam, & Noah (although that is a definite plus). Her life at 300 Fox Way in a house full of psychics also sounds fascinating. Blue is awesome, and I love her lots.

Blue is one of the coolest characters I have ever read about! I love almost everything about her and I'm so glad she's in the series because she balances out the boys very well, lol.

I admire her a lot, especially for strong-arming her way into the Raven Boys clique. It must have been incredibly hard for her. They come from completely different backgrounds and they had all been an extremely close, tight-knit group without her. But Blue managed to fit in perfectly from the start and I'm so grateful for that. I absolutely love Blue for her uniqueness. She is such a strange character. And I don't think it's her psychic family that makes her weirder than others (though I do very much enjoy reading about her family; they're so fun and awesome) but I think it's just her personality. She didn't seem to fit in anywhere, even in her own family, until she found the boys. Though I am worried about how everyone's relationship will change after they finally find Glendower, seeing that it is the common ground holding the gang together, I hope that they all manage to remain friends.


  1. Amen to what y'all said. I love Blue's family and friends, she's surrounded by awesome women and I can't wait to witness the full realization of her "powers". I hope it happens in BLLB

    1. The three of us have finished BLLB (me last, of course, lol) and we're all still recovering. Words can't describe how amazing it is, Blue especially in this one. :D

  2. I loved Blue from the second she walked onto the pages of TRB. I took to her much quicker than I did the boys and as much as my love for them grew, my love for Blue grew as well ♥ She's just so wonderfully offbeat and her personality just shines in whatever she says or does. I too really appreciate how she fit in so well to such a tight-knit group as the Raven Boys, really goes to show how strong their bonds are! And I agree, Blue is one of the best names EVER :D LOVED these posts guys ^^ x

    1. Blue is absolutely one of my favorite YA heroines- I just love EVERYTHING about her! I can't wait for you to read BLLB!!!!!


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