Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Raven Cycle: Why I Love Ronan

My favorite Raven Boy is and always will be Ronan Lynch. I love all of the other guys, Blue included, but there's just something about Ronan that is so likable; which is quite ironic because Ronan does his best to make sure he comes off as unlikable as possible, lol. He is such an amazing character and I've lost count of how many times that I wished he was not just fictional.

It's kind of funny how well Lee, Melissa, and I know each other. Lee was the first person out of our gang to read The Raven Boys and she was the one who pushed me to read it. Not only did she guess correctly about me totally loving the book, but she also guessed that Ronan would be my favorite character. I love pretty much everything about the guy. Superficially, I think he has a really badass name: Ronan Lynch. If I have to pick a name for anything, be it a username or me just trying to rename someone/something, I'll use Ronan's name, lol.

On a deeper level, I admire Ronan for his dedication to his friends and Chainsaw. Ronan really tries his best to make himself appear as tough as nails. It's rare to see him express his emotions, and I love it when he does. I have several favorite scenes with Ronan; many of them including Chainsaw. I think it is absolutely adorable how much Ronan loves his pet raven. I distinctly remember reading about Ronan hiding Chainsaw in his backpack so he could feed her while he was at school. It's one of the sweetest moments I've ever read in any book. Another favorite moment of mine is when Ronan drops Adam home and Ronan drives off, knowing that Adam's father is an ass, only to turn the car around to protect Adam and beat the shit out of the father. Ronan got arrested for Adam. He would practically do anything to help his friends, regardless of what happens to him in the process. I love that about him. In a way, I think he's the most loyal and protective Raven Boy out of the group.

Another reason that I love Ronan is because he is just such an interesting character. I am so glad Ronan gets a lot of spotlight in The Dream Thieves and I can only hope that it continues with Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Ronan has been through so much in his life, most of it centering around his family, and I think he's doing a good job of holding himself together while finally starting to figure out his family secrets. I'm so intrigued by the Lynch family and I'm patiently waiting to get the whole story.

In the end, I think that Ronan is my favorite because out of all the other characters I can relate to him the most. We actually have a lot in common. We both love animals, lol, we both have the same sense of humor, we are both fiercely loyal to our friends and family, and we both try to keep our feelings inside. I feel like I can understand his character quite well and I enjoy that. It makes me feel more connected to the story. Ronan Lynch is such a badass character and I'm very much looking forward to reading more about him.


  1. See, ALL of the reasons you listed are precisely why I loved Ronan the most right from the start! And that's no small feat considering how much love I have for Gansey, Adam, Noah, and of course, Blue! Bottom line: I just wish he was real dammit. Hanging out with him, day-in, day-out would basically make my life xD

    Ronan Lynch is totally a badass name, it gives me a shiver just saying it out loud LOL But truly, my favorite part about him is that despite going out of his way to appear callous and uncaring, he cares so much more than anyone even realizes. Defending Adam, paying for his place, the way he cares for Chainsaw, how he frets for Gansey and the stunts he gets into with Noah...I LOVE ALL OF IT. And of course, it helps that he's such a freaking compelling character. TDT was like a gift for me, a whole book devoted to his awesomeness. Honestly, I relate to him the most out of all of the boys too. Man I wish I had BLLB in my hands right now - I NEED more Ronan ♥ Fantastic post Ally!! :D

    1. Haha, I'm so glad that you're a fellow Ronan lover! :) If I could just meet and talk to him once, I would be happy for the rest of my life, lol. Yeah, I thought it was so sweet that he paid for Adam's place! Ronan is totally a paradox; cold and emotionless on the outside and sweet and caring on the inside. I love it! Yes, it is so amusing reading about all the crap Ronan and Noah get into together. Those are some of my favorite parts in the book. I completely adored the TDT! I would be the happiest girl on earth if another book was dedicated to him, lol. I just got my copy of BLLB yesterday, courtesy of Lee, and I am so unbelievably excited to start it!


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