Monday, October 13, 2014

Blackbrooke III: King of Queens: Character Interview

Today we're thrilled to spotlight Emma Silver's Blackbrooke III: King of Queens, the final installment in the Blackbrooke trilogy, with an interview with our favorite character from the series, Denzil Rathbone. King of Queens releases tomorrow, and if you're looking for some spooky reads in time for Halloween, definitely check out this series!

** Our Interview with Denzil **

Hi Denzil! We're thrilled to welcome you back to Rally the Readers for a third visit!

Awesome to speak to you. Jones and his cronies stole the postcard you sent me so I’m glad you got back in touch.

How rude of them! Well, we're glad to hear from you, too! A lot of things have changed since we last talked, including a big one for you: how did it feel to cut off your dreads?

Oh wow, it was a big moment. It takes a lot of work to completely leave your hair alone, without washing or combing it. So many years. No, I had to after the tunnels. I was covered in blood and once it dried it really did smell bad. Maz wouldn’t come near me and I had to bite the bullet and get the clippers out. The problem is you can see my face now. I didn’t realise my face was so long actually. I look in the mirror and see a horse. Maz likes it, so that’s all that matters I suppose.

Taking out Crits can't be a pleasant experience, but when it's necessary, what's your weapon of choice?

I like a gun. I don’t have too many of them after the famous Jones clearout. It’s a good clean way of getting the job done. I must say though, if I had a flamethrower, I’d be all over it. I could waste a long line of them with one of those . . . .

What are your feelings towards Cassius these days? What do you think about Liberty's feelings towards him?

I’m shaking my head right now. Listen, I liked the kid when we were doing the Scooby gang thing. I thought he was sweet and you could tell he had feelings for Liberty. I would have trusted her life with him. It’s a different story now. He’s let the power go to his head and the hatred he’s got for her makes my blood boil. That’s teenagers for you - the world ends over the most ridiculous things. I mean, a kiss for god’s sake? Get a grip, man. Liberty is doing her usual martyr crap. She loves him in some weird way, but it’s that typical thing she does. The girl wants to change the world and maybe he’s the next project. I don’t know. It’s been a fair few years since I was that age, so I’m probably not being fair.

What's your worst memory from Blackbrooke? Favorite?

Worst? Hmmm, there’s been a fair few shit moments. Can I say shit? [Absolutely!] Anyway, some of the worst times have been to do with Maz, unfortunately. Losing her to Jonathan Jones, seeing her get married and have a kid, losing her a second time when she joined Fuller’s vigilantes, watching her get bit by a Hunter . . . . Yeah, it’s been rough. My favourite memories, aside to the early days with Maz, are probably when it was just me and Lib working in the shop. She started out a little brat, but you can’t fault that sense of humour. She’s a smart little lady, and she gets me. Not many people have ever really got me in my life so meeting a teenage girl who did was a surprise. She gave me a reason to be alive when I needed it the most. I don’t want to say too much about that though, she’s already a nightmare. Don’t want that head getting any bigger.

With this part of Blackbrooke's story coming to a close, any parting thoughts?

It’s been a rush! I have so many things I could say about Blackbrooke. Sometimes it makes me laugh until I cry and sometimes I just . . . cry! One thing I learnt was the importance of people. If all of this happened when I didn’t have Liberty or Maz in my life, I would have walked out and ended it at the first opportunity. People give you the reason to go on and fight for what’s right. I’m just pissed off that I spent so many years pushing people away and living as a recluse. I call those the wasted years!

Thanks so much for all of the time you've given us not just for this interview but for your previous blog chats as well. All the best to you in the future!

My pleasure, ladies. Hey, if you’re in the area, drop by some time.


  1. He sounds like such a fun character! I really enjoyed this interview. The worst and best were my favorite to read. All the things with Maz really makes me want to know more. Thanks so much for sharing! Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. We've loved Denzil since the first book and are very happy that we got the chance to interview him with each new installment in the series!


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