Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 2019 Recap

Can you believe that the year is already HALFWAY OVER?! I went to Michael's yesterday and they already had FALL DECORATIONS on sale, right next to the Fourth of July stuff, lol.

June was a pretty good reading and blogging month. I've been including reading in my bullet journal habit tracker, and being able to see how many reading days I've had in a month really does keep me motivated. I also have a general writing tracker, under which I include writing blog posts, and it's been equally helpful in staying consistent with blogging.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer and getting in some beach days!

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  1. I need to use a BuJo for my blog! I'm just not creative so it's hard to come up with a spread.
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

    1. I was worried when I switched over from using planners with pre-made layouts to a bullet journal because I don't feel I'm very creative. So I keep my spreads pretty simple and embellish a bit with washi tape and stickers. What's important to me is that the layout is functional and keeps me organized, even if it's not Instagram-worthy, lol. I definitely encourage you to give it a try! :-)

  2. Fall stuff already? Wow lol. But yes I can't believe we're in JULY now. Crazy hopw fast the year is flying.

    Hope you have an awesome week ahead!

    1. 2019 is going by way too fast- there's going to be Christmas stuff everywhere before we know it, lol.

      Hope you have an awesome week, too! :-)


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