Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017 Recap

Happy May! I can't believe we're almost halfway through 2017! I seriously need a do over on some of the previous months. :/

April was pretty much the usual—lots of adulting (I think I'm stuck in a permanent adulting loop. Someone reprogram me, please!). The blog turned 5, which I'm quite proud of because I'm still at this 5 years later.

It was a very quiet reading month yet again, but I absolutely LOVED this book:

I'd been struggling so much with getting into books and finishing them before reading Defy the Stars. It's exactly the book I needed to remind me how much I love reading.

Abel, one of the protagonists, is a mech, which is essentially a robot. For me, the most fascinating aspect of the novel was watching his programming evolve. This quote made me laugh out loud:

At some point Abel will have to analyze whether he has developed the capacity for passive aggression.

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  1. What if I shut you off and then on again? Do you think a reboot would work to end that adulting loop? XD I love that quote^^ and I clearly need to read that book LOL! Here's to a happy and RELAXING May my friend ♥

    1. YES- reboot me, please! XD Hope your May is relaxing, too! ♥


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