Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reading and Blogging Resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year, friends! It's resolution time again! I find that writing stuff down makes me more inclined to do it, LOL, which is why I like making these lists at the start of each year. So here goes the 2017 edition:

  • Read 35 books. My 2016 goal was 40 books, and I fell rather short at 30. If real life hadn't interfered so much, I think I would've made the 40. I was originally going to set this year's number to 30 and be happily surprised if I surpassed it, but then I felt like I wasn't being ambitious enough, LOL. Going in between the two numbers seemed like a good compromise.
  • Create and stick to a reading/blogging schedule as much as possible. I'm a total planner addict (and washi tape addict), so it's not surprising that to-do lists and schedules work best for me. While I tried to be organized about reading and blogging last year, I feel like I could've been more dedicated to the sticking to the schedule part.
  • Go to YALLFest again. Somehow, Ally, Melissa, and I managed to coordinate 3 ridiculous schedules and return to Charleston for this YA author festival. We're hoping to work the scheduling magic again for a third year in a row.
  • Write discussion posts regularly. I'm participating in the Book Blog Discussion Challenge again and have quite a few leftover post ideas from last year that never materialized into actual posts. XD

It's a pretty short list this year, but that's so I can really focus on making my Goodreads challenge and getting ahead and staying ahead with blog posts.

Are you participating in any reading challenges this year? Do you have any blogging goals you'd like to accomplish in 2017? I hope everyone has an AMAZING reading/blogging year!


  1. Happy New Year!!! Hope you had awesome holidays. I'm doing 3 challenges this year (I didn't do any in '16) so I'm kinda excited about that. I'm not doing a yearly book goal though. I just never know how things are gonig to month to month. 35-40 would probably be in my range too- real life just gets in the way. :)

    Good luck with your goals! Can't wait to see your discussion posts.

    1. Happy New Year to you, too, Greg! The holidays were excellent; hope yours were as well!

      Good luck with your challenges! I should probably give up trying to do the GR challenge since I haven't met it in about 4 years, lol, but I just can't help myself. XD

      Happy reading and blogging in 2017!

  2. Happy 2017 my friend! Best of luck with you resolutions for the new year. I failed my GR challenge again too this year. I was ahead of schedule the ENTIRE year...until November and my EoS-induced slump. That plus my HP-reread basically did me in and I ended up missing my goal by 5 books. Le sigh. Here's to a wonderfully bookish 2017 with LOTS of reading and blogging time :D

    1. Happy, Happy New Year, Micheline! ♥ Aww, you were SO close to making your GR goal! OK, we're going to OWN our 2017 reading challenges and have the BEST bookish year ever! :D


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