Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Discussing Game of Thrones: Mockingbird

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Mockingbird.”

Tyrion Needs a Champion

An angry Jaime accuses Tyrion of throwing away his shot at avoiding execution, a chance that Jaime bargained for. Tyrion can't get over Shae's betrayal, while Jaime warns his brother he's the last friend he's got. Tyrion recalls his last trial by combat in the Vale, when Bronn fought for him. Jaime says he's sorry, but he can't be Tyrion's champion this time, either. Tyrion asks Jaime to find Bronn for him and hopes aloud that Cersei picks Meryn Trant as her champion. Cersei, however, is going with Gregor Clegane, the Mountain, and we're treated to a lovely scene of him hacking away at some very unfortunate victims.

The Other Clegane Brother

While we're on the subject of the Clegane family, it's a timely moment to check in on Arya and the Hound. They come across an injured man who's slowly dying from his wound, and if you know the Hound well enough by now, you know he's going to put the poor guy out of his misery. The Hound gets a nasty surprise when out of nowhere pops Rorge and (I think) Biter, two of the prisoners who were in Arya's traveling party to the Wall. The Hound is quite the recognizable fellow and there's quite the bounty on his head, but the Hound takes care of Biter and Arya takes care of Rorge by putting Needle through his heart.

Your Ideas Are Dismissed, Lord Snow

Ser Alliser Thorne continues treating Jon like crap. Once again the Night's Watch is arguing about how to best handle the impending Wildling assault, and Jon insists they block off one of the tunnels. Thorne and Janos Slynt delight in reminding everyone how Jon lived among the Wildlings, with Thorne also reminding him that he's just a lowly steward.

Tyrion Still Needs a Champion

Whoa! Is that Bronn in those fancy new clothes? Why, yes it is! Not only has he gotten a wardrobe upgrade, but he's also set to marry a highborn lady, Lollys Stokeworth. Bronn's sudden status elevation is no coincidence, of course, and Tyrion knows it. He's willing to pay the sellsword whatever price he names, but at the end of the day, Bronn's sense of self-preservation is what makes him part ways with Tyrion.

Are You Lost or Something?

Daenerys is surprised to find Daario in her private chamber. He wants to kill people for her. She has other things in mind for him.

Who Walks in Like That?

Selyse Baratheon walks in on Melisandre's bath time. Really, I didn't get the point of this scene and all I got out of it was that Selyse seems like a mean mother and I'm a little worried for her daughter.

Another Awkward Run-In

Jorah runs into Daario, who's looking smug and just leaving Daenerys's room. Jorah is not happy and talks some smack about Daario to Danaerys. Daario and the Second Sons are bound for Yunkai to retake the city and execute the slave masters. Daenerys is pretty snippy with Jorah in this scene, but by the end of it things are smoothed over, with him convincing her not to take such drastic action against the masters.

The Hound Remembers

Arya advises the Hound to apply fire to the wound Biter gave him even though he's afraid of fire, thanks to his brother. The Hound recalls what his brother did to him, and in that moment casts a pretty sad figure.

The Return of Hot Pie!

Brienne and Pod make an awesome duo (obviously not as good as Brienne and Jaime, but I digress) and stop at Hot Pie's inn. They get around to discussing Brienne's search for Sansa, and Hot Pie once again mistakenly calls Winterfell "Winterhell." That kid cracks me up! As Brienne and Pod are getting ready to hit the road, Hot Pie reveals that he knows Arya and sends them off with a direwolf shaped loaf of bread that actually looks like a direwolf this time.

Tyrion Has a Champion!

Tyrion receives yet another visitor in his cell, but this time it's quite an unexpected one. Oberyn Martell recalls meeting baby Tyrion at Casterly Rock, and even then, Cersei wanted her younger brother dead. The Red Viper still wants his revenge against those responsible for the deaths of his sister and her children, so he's going to fight Gregor Clegane.

Let Her Go

At the Eyrie, Sansa builds a replica of Winterfell out of snow. She's admiring her work when Robin Arryn starts complaining that there's no Moon Door. He ends up ruining the snow castle, and Sansa bitchslaps him. As Robin goes crying for his mommy, Littlefinger creeps in. Sansa wants to know why he killed Joffrey, and first Littlefinger reminisces about how much he loved Catelyn before kissing Sansa. EWWWWWW!!!! Lysa Arryn witnesses the whole thing, and Sansa has to go face her aunt. Lysa goes ballistic, ranting about how her father and Catelyn stood between her and Littlefinger, and now Sansa's doing the same. Lysa tries to push Sansa out the Moon Door until Littlefinger walks in on the whole thing. He promises Lysa he'll send Sansa away and Lysa releases her hold. And then, in a very classy move, Littlefinger tells his new wife how he's only ever loved one woman: Catelyn! And then he pushes Lysa out the Moon Door!

In the Next Episode

Ramsay gives Theon his marching orders to be, um, Theon Greyjoy; Lysa's death is investigated; the Wildlings inch ever closer to the Wall (They might even get there by the end of this season!); The Red Viper vs. The Mountain!


  1. Loved this episode. Ahh this season is so good! I'm so glad Lysa is gone. Irritating lady. Except the Sansa kiss was really creepy. I thought Sansa was so cute, building a snow castle and I'm just waiting for the moment she realizes she can be a player in this world too. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the epic duel!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. Lysa was such a lunatic, although I can't blame her for really losing it when she saw Littlefinger kissing Sansa. That was just disturbing, and I hope he eventually gets what he deserves for truly being one of the most evil characters in that world. I can't wait to see the duel, either; it's going to be incredible!


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