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Discussing Game of Thrones: Eastwatch

* Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Eastwatch.”

Hey—I might actually get this posted before Sunday's new episode! It's a miracle! XD

Jaime and Bronn Survive Their Deep Sea Adventure

So last week, we saw Jaime sinking into what looked like some pretty deep water, yet when he and Bronn haul themselves back onto dry land, the water doesn't look that deep at all. I really have to stop nitpicking these things. XD Jaime still appears to be stunned from the crushing, fiery defeat the Lannister army has just suffered at the hands of Daenerys, the Dothraki, and one badass dragon. He tells Bronn that Cersei needs to hear how unstoppable Daenerys is, and Bronn is like, that's great, but I'm outta here!

When You Play the Game of Thrones, You Kneel or You Die

The surviving Lannister troops are brought before Daenerys, who gives them a choice: kneel or burn. A good number choose life, but Randyll Tarly is not among them. He argues that at least Cersei has spent her entire life in Westeros, unlike Daenerys. Dickon Tarly stands by his father. Tyrion tries to intercede, suggesting to Daenerys that she send Lord Tarly to the Wall, but the latter stands his ground; Daenerys is not his queen, and she cannot give him orders.

Eh, We'll Just Hire Some Mercenaries

Back in King's Landing, Jaime tries to get Cersei to understand the decimation he just witnessed on the battlefield and how impossible a victory would be against Daenerys and the dragons. He also repeats Olenna's last words to Cersei.

Jon's New BFF - Drogon!

Daenerys arrives back at Dragonstone with Drogon, and guess who just happens to be standing near where they land? It's Jon, and he and Drogon seem to have some kind of connection, in that Drogon doesn't incinerate him on sight. Daenerys is VERY intrigued by their interaction, but the moment is broken up by the arrival of Jorah. He tells Daenerys he's cured but neglects to mention Sam's role in saving his life.

You Know Nothing, Maesters of the Citadel

Bran has a vision of the White Walkers at Eastwatch and tells Maester Wolkan that they need to send ravens. At the Citadel, Ebrose is discussing the message from Winterfell with other maesters as Sam listens in the background. Most of the maesters dismiss the notion of the White Walkers' existence and even ridicule the message. Sam can't help but speak up and says that he's seen the White Walkers, and the threat needs to be taken seriously.

I Am a King

Tyrion and Varys are discussing Daenerys's recent actions, and Tyrion insists to Varys that Daenerys isn't her father. Varys tells Tyrion that as Hand of the Queen, Tyrion has to make her listen. Varys has intercepted the message from Winterfell that was intended for Jon, and of course the crafty Spider has read it. Jon learns that both Bran and Arya are alive and back at Winterfell, and he also receives the news about Bran's vision. Jon wants to return home immediately. Daenerys doesn't want him to go and tries to pull rank, saying that she hasn't given Jon permission to leave Dragonstone, and that's when he also pulls rank and reminds her that he's also a king. Jon needs to go North, Daenerys can't pack up and leave herself vulnerable to Cersei, and that's when Tyrion proposes that they bring a White Walker to Cersei to convince her that they all need to fight together? WHAT? First of all, even if they did manage to bring a White Walker to her, I still don't think she'd care. Secondly, Daenerys literally has all of the fire power here, not Cersei, and could take King's Landing tomorrow and then head North. I just don't get what ending hostilities with Cersei really adds, but okay.

Sisterly Standoff

At Winterfell, Sansa listens to the Northern lords grumble about Jon heading Beyond the Wall. In private, Arya accuses her first of not defending Jon in front of them and then of catering to them so she'll have their support in case Jon doesn't return.

Brotherly Standoff

Bronn lures Jaime down into the dragon skull room under the pretense of training, but it's really to meet Tyrion in secret. Jaime is angry but sticks around to hear Tyrion out. Meanwhile, Davos, who was the obvious choice for smuggling Tyrion into King's Landing, seeks out . . . GENDRY!!!!! He made it back after all! Davos fires off one of the best GoT one-liners ever: "Thought you might still be rowing." BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Gendry is ready to rock and roll and fight, with his own warhammer to boot. It's sweet how Davos has kind of taken Gendry under his wing.


Jaime goes to Cersei about his meeting with Tyrion. She already knew about it, of course. Cersei is now not so opposed to coming to some kind of agreement with Daenerys so they can use it to outsmart her. Cersei is also pregnant! I. AM. HORRIFIED. Dammit, TV Jaime! Why can't you be more like Book Jaime?????

Hi, I'm Gendry. I'm a Bastard, Too

That's pretty much how Gendry introduces himself to Jon, LOL, after Davos urges Gendry to keep mum about his parentage. Gendry is ready to fight, fight, fight!

Gilly Says Something Important. Like, REALLY Important

Confession time: I usually tune out whenever Sam and Gilly scenes are on. So of course they give Gilly this bombshell line of dialogue in the middle of her reciting a bunch of boring facts about some maester's records or some shit. I don't even remember, except for the part about RHAEGAR TARGARYEN GETTING A SECRET ANNULMENT AND THEN BEING SECRETLY MARRIED TO SOMEONE ELSE IN DORNE. That's right.

Arya vs. Littlefinger

Arya tails Littlefinger around Winterfell, and she spies him being really sketchy, culminating in him hiding a letter he'd asked Maester Wolkan to retrieve on behalf of Sansa. Arya breaks into Littlefinger's room to find it and read it. Littlefinger secretly watches her lock his door after leaving, making it appear that he meant for her to find the letter all along.

Snow's Bros, Assemble!

Jon and his compatriots arrive at Eastwatch. Tormund inquires after "The big woman," i.e. Brienne, which makes even broody Jon crack a smile. This motley group, comprised of Jon, Jorah, Davos, Gendry, and Tormund, is about to get even more intriguing when Tormund leads everyone to a cell holding Beric, Thoros, and the Hound. So. These are the guys who are going to capture a White Walker and bring it to Cersei. I LOVE IT!!!!

In the Next Episode

Tensions appear to rise even more between Arya and Sansa. It also looks like we're finally going to see a showdown with the White Walkers. That shot of Beric and the flaming sword looks epic!


  1. Man Dany was tough on the Tarly's, no? Poor Dickon Tarly was so new to the show and poof- he's toast! Good point about Jorah not mentioning Sam- I missed that. That would have made Jon's ears perk up!

    I totally agree about that asinine plan to bring a walker south. Who cares about Cersei, she's got like five troops left or something lol? Let her rot. And I'm sure you saw tonight's episode? Yeesh!!!

    Book Jaime needs to come in and just kick show Jaime out of the way, and deal with Cersei. And Qyburn, slimy thing he is. And is this the first time we've seen Sam be an ass to Gilly? He picked the wrong time t not be paying attention lololol

    The big woman lol

    1. Rickon, I mean Dickon, we hardly knew ye! Daenerys's Kneel or Burn policy is merciless, and I can see why Varys is alarmed.

      I was totally waiting for Jorah to mention Sam in front of Jon, but nope. I did feel a bit bad for Jorah- perpetually friendzoned, it seems, LOL.

      I wonder how brilliant of a plan bringing a walker to Cersei seems NOW, after everything that went down in "Beyond the Wall." Cersei needs to be completely taken out of the game, not negotiated with. She's got nothing to contribute, and the cost of the mission in the North was absolutely devastating!

      Qyburn is a creeper, for sure, and Jaime—*sigh*. He's admitted that Daenerys is unbeatable, and yet...he sticks by Cersei.

      Sam definitely chose the wrong moment to cut Gilly off, LOL. I need more details on this secret annulment/marriage!

      I love Tormund, LOL!!!

  2. Dany is serious about her kneeling. But them stragglers got to that knee real quick when Dogon lit up the Tarlys. I find it ironic, that Randyll Tarly forced Sam to the wall so Dickon could inherit the home and sword, and Sam ended up with it all anyway. That is karma for your ass.

    The scene between Jon and Drogon gave me the warm fuzzies. I was expecting his to kiss his muzzle they were so damn bonded in that moment. And the look on Dany's face, like what is happening here? I think I like it. And the reunion with Jorah! More goosies. Just reunions for everybody!

    The maesters are starting to tear my nerves up. Old crochety bastards don't listen to shit. There are freaking DRAGONS and GIANTS back in the world. Why is everything else so hard to believe for them?

    When Jon learned Arya was home, he could have at least swung through Winterfell before taking on his next mission. But I loved that he told her look here, I'm a King and I'll leave when I want to.

    I do wonder what Sansa is about. Is she that ambitious because of her time with the Lannisters and Boltens, or is LF getting into her head or both? Or, are they us making it look like she will betray Jon when really she couldn't be more loyal? Something is up with her though. And though it looked like LF planted that note for Arya to find, I do hope she is actually a step ahead of him. After all, what good would having a brother who sees everything be if he didn't clue her in.

    Cersei is fastly approaching Mad Queen status. Jamie best be on his guard.

    FREAKING GENDRY!!!!!!! I was so happy to see him, and boy was he raring to go! And OMG Lee, when he pulled out that warhammer I lost it! Yelling at my screen. It gave me chills since his father was damn near famous for his war hammer. And the bastard bonding moment between him and Jon...cute. And you just gotta love Davos and his dry humor.

    Gilly was super petty in that scene and I loved it! After Sam went on his rant and she corrected him...steps. I was LMAO! And the scene confirmed what us book lovers already knew. That R & L was indeed a love match and he did not kidnap and rape her.

    That team brought together to go beyond the wall...#SQUADGOALS! Despite the major plot holes...the crazy fast travel, this season has been quite entertaining. Now if George would hurry his ass up with the WOW!

    1. I was thinking the same thing- Sam has Heartsbane and is Lord of Horn Hill now, after what his father did to keep him from inheriting the title.

      The Jon/Drogon scene was amazing! And Drogon isn't exactly the friendliest of the 3 dragons, LOL.

      I hate how Arya and Sansa's relationship, which was never overly sisterly to begin with, is deteriorating quickly. I hope that they're secretly working together to bring down Littlefinger and only want him to think that they're fighting.

      YAY- Gendry! I had a feeling he'd be back when Hot Pie came back, LOL. I loved that Gendry had his own warhammer and was ready to use it!!!!

      We need TWoW NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!!! How many years has it been since ADwD? It feels like forever, and I don't know how the hell he's going to get a handle on alllll of those secondary plotlines he's created....


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