Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Would You Rather Book Tag

I love bookish tags, and this one especially because Ally constantly pitches me Would You Rather? scenarios, lol. Many thanks to Charlene at Bookish Whimsy for tagging me! (Credit for the original meme goes to booktuber Rachel Reads.)

1. Would you rather read only trilogies or standalones?

I read mostly series, despite how it's often painful to wait for sequels, so I will go with series here.

2. Would you rather read only male or female authors?

I've never given much thought to whether I've read more books by male or female authors; ultimately the main factor in whether or not I pick up a particular book is if I think I'll really enjoy the story. But, as Would You Rather? means I can't be wishy-washy with my choices, lol, I'll say female authors.

3. Would you rather shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

I'm an Amazon Prime member and Kindle user, so I think that already gives me away here, lol. I used to be a frequent B & N shopper during my college days, but ordering from Amazon just became more and more convenient and often, more economical.

4. Would you rather all books become movies or TV shows?

Yet another tough question. I love all of the Harry Potter films, but I also love the TV adaptations of Game of Thrones and Outlander. I do think that TV offers the opportunity to keep more of the book details that otherwise might have to be cut for a movie adaptation, so I will say TV shows.

5. Would you rather read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

I wouldn't be able to only read 5 pages per day, even on really, really busy days, lol. I'd much rather set my goal at 5 books per week, even if I couldn't meet it.

6. Would you rather be a professional reviewer or author?

Writing a book one day is my ultimate fantasy, and I'd love to make it come true.

7. Would you rather read your top 20 favorite books over and over or or always read new ones you haven't read before?

These questions are so hard! I could easily pick 20 books to reread over and over again, but then I'd be sad over all the other books I'd be missing out on. So I'd prefer to read new books.

8. Would you rather be a librarian or a book seller?

Both would allow me to push my favorite books on people, lol, but I think I'd really love working in a library.

9. Would you rather only read your favorite genre or every genre except your favorite?

This is as difficult to answer as Question #7. Again, though, I'd rather have variety in my reading diet, although I'd really, really miss reading paranormal books.

10. Would you rather only read physical books or ebooks?

Finally—an easy one! Although I've been reading more eBooks since I got a Kindle about two years ago, I still read and buy mostly physical books. I like the smell of paper. I like the feel of a book in my hand. I like using physical bookmarks!

If you would like to join in on this fun tag, please leave me your link and I'll be sure to check out your post! :D


  1. I really must do this tag myself, I've seen it around a few times and despite the questions being kind of impossible to answer, it's also a lot of fun :D The only easy one for me is the B&N vs Amazon one since we don't have B&N around here LOL! Oh and, WHO could survive on 5 pages a day?! That seems so cruel hahah XD I loved reading your answers Lee!

    1. Ooh, I really hope you decide to do this tag- I'd love to read your responses! Yes, these were some very, very tough questions, lol! I would go really crazy really fast if I could only read 5 pages a day; that's just evil and unjustified!

  2. Lol, some of the Q's really put you on the spot.

    I hope you get to write a book someday, Lee, I bet it's going to be awesome. Maybe your muse is waiting for an offering? LOL

    1. Maybe, lol! I still haven't found what I want to write about; I'm hoping that one day the idea will just hit me, and I'll be inspired to write!

  3. Yup, we pretty much have all the same answers! :) It's too bad that Amazon makes it so easy for us readers, because I do want B&N to succeed! It's sad there are less and less physical bookstores. And I feel that last question is the hardest - there really is something magical about a physical book, but I also love reading on my kindle so much! *sigh* Thank you for doing the tag Lee!

    1. Thank you again for tagging me! :) I do still like to roam around a bricks and mortar bookstore, and it recently got tougher to do so because the B & N closest to where I live closed in June because another store was willing to pay more rent for the space. :( Fortunately, the library is only 5 minutes away, and I can read all the books I want without breaking the bank, lol.


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