Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fandom Mashups (91)

Fandom Mashups is a feature hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews. There's a different scenario each week, and you choose a "dream team" of five characters from five different fandoms whom you think are best suited for the situation.

This week's topic is:
"Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." Pick 5 characters from other fandoms who you know would be a perfect fit in Ravenclaw.

Proud Ravenclaw here! XD And I'd be thrilled to call these characters fellow Ravenclaws:

  1. Tony Stark: While I think a few houses suit him (no pun intended, haha!), I'm claiming him for Ravenclaw because of his brilliant mind.
  2. Blue Sargent (The Raven Cycle): A character named Blue gets an automatic pass into Ravenclaw, don't you think? Plus, she's an extremely smart young woman.
  3. Yoda: So wise, he is!
  4. Lisa Simpson: I've always loved Lisa for her genius, and she'd be right at home in Ravenclaw.
  5. Tyrion Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones): You don't survive in Westeros for as long as Tyrion has without being incredibly intelligent.


  1. TYRION! I'm in the middle of the Song of Ice and Fire books, and tbh he's the only character I really really do not want to die?

    Ravenclaw....potential Ravenclaws...I think Ty from The Dark Artifices would be a good Ravenclaw. And I 100 per cent agree with Lisa Simpson.

    1. I hope Tyrion doesn't die, either, lol. That's why I need a new ASoIaF book to make sure he's OK! XD

  2. Blue would fit in perfectly into Ravenclaw and not just because her name is the House's official colour XD Yoda!! An excellent choice he is! And Lisa Simpson of course, she'd make for the quickest sorting in history I think LOL! Tony Stark is another great addition to your house my friend! xx

    1. Lisa is definitely a Ravenclaw through and through, lol. She was the first character I thought of for this team!


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