Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fandom Mashups (76)

Fandom Mashups is a feature hosted by Lunar Rainbows Reviews. There's a different scenario each week, and you choose a "dream team" of five characters from five different fandoms whom you think are best suited for the situation.

This week's topic is:
You're headed to the Moon! Who are you taking with you?

  1. The Doctor: He's seen just about everything, so I wouldn't worry about potential troubles like hostile aliens with him around.
  2. Spock: I completely trust him to keep our trip running smoothly.
  3. Lisa Simpson: Dad Homer went to space and narrowly avoided disaster, but Lisa would totally be responsible on this journey.
  4. Bender (Futurama): I'm taking this snarky robot along to make us laugh, even though I know there's a 100% chance of him insulting everyone in the process because that's just Bender!
  5. Han Solo: Can we please travel to the Moon in the Millennium Falcon? XD


  1. Surprise, surprise, I went with The Doctor and Spock too hehehe ♥ I almost went with Han Solo too but then I ended up with another Star Wars character :D Lisa Simpson? LOVE. She'd certainly make a successful space mission regardless! And Bender! I love it!

    1. LOLOL- The Doctor and Spock were shoo-ins for this mission! I think Lisa would feel right at home chatting with them, too. Ooh- I can't wait to see which Star Wars character you chose! :D

  2. Bender! LMAO

    The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) for me please and maybe some incarnation of Artemis, can't think of anybody specific right now.

    1. I'm bringing Spock, so feel free to bring Kirk along. XD And then Bender could make fun of both of them, LOL!

  3. Bender. FTW. The Doctor is perfect and Spock- he will logically solve all problems lol.

    And Han Solo. The best. :)

    1. I definitely wanted the best pilot in the galaxy for this trip, LOL. I miss the whole Futurama gang, and Bender most of all. I laughed out loud so many times at his hijinks!


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